Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sri Kayarohaneshwara temple (Guru temple) Kanchipuram

Before starting my health camp I decided to have a darshan of this temple which is also the adhishtanam of the 13 th pontiff of the Kamakoti peetam. The temple is situated in Kanchi itself and is being renovated .

how to reach the temple
At kanchipuram by the side of  the Kanchi mutt is the road to chenglepet.(West raja street) proceed in this road till you see the kachhapeshwarar temple. Take a right turn here.Proceed for about half a kilometre till you reach a place called Pilliar palyam.Before you reach the Kailasnatha temple take a left turn in SVP krishna street and proceeed for a km.At the end of this road take a left turn after crossing the Chidambaresha temple. The guru temple will be on the right side. It is more popularly known as Guru bhagawan temple.There is a separate Guru bhagawan sannidhi here.
The temple proper
The temple was undergoing renovation with Balalayam performed.
As you  enter you are in the outer praharam where the construction is going on
The entrance to the inner praharam is on the right just after the thatched shed seen below.DSCN3366
In the far side you see the sannidhi of Lingabeshwarar with a naga devathai behind part uprooted by a banyan tree

The sanctum has a shivalingam which is now closed
There is a akhilandeshwari sannidhi in the sanctum with a small Idol bedecked today witha lemon mala
(guru bhagawan sannidhi outside). The temple is more famous as Guru koil in Kanchi
There are sannidhis for Vinayaka and Murugan out side the main sannidhi18122011045
The temple is under going renovation as seen below
( The vimanam)

On 7/06/15 I revisited this temple after it has been re furbished and here are a few pictures