Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bangaru kamakshi temple Tanjore

Recently on a visit to Tanjore I happened to see this temple which is run by the Kanchi kamakoti peetam in Tanjore,


The Bangaru kamakshi  idol in Thanjavur was originally in the Kamakshi temple at Kanchi. (It was  one of the 5 kamakshis inside the  kanchi temple).Due to the invasion of Kanchi by  hostile powers the then sankaracharya (Shri Chandrashekara saraswathy IV-1746-1783)of the  kanchi kamakoti peetam shifted base to Tanjore and later to Kumbakonam. The  solid gold idol from kanchi was initially shifted to Udayarpalyam and later to Tanjore..It seems the idol was wrapped with cloth and the shiny surface was smeared by black punugu ( secretion of the Civet cat) covered with a cloth and smuggled out in a palanquin as  if it was a child with small pox.The feet of the idol are symbolically installed  in Kanchi temple ,Bangarukamakshi ( golden kamakshi! yes it is a solid gold figure)has been re  installed at tanjore. Even today the idol is routinely smeared with punugu and appears black. During annual navarathri abhishekams also it does not wash off!!

How to reach?

The temple is a km behind the big temple and easily accessed by a straight road,




Next door is the navaneetha krishna temple with krishna rukmini sathyabhama and kodhai. It is also a peaceful temple