Sunday, December 18, 2011

Mangadu Tapas Kamakshi temple

Today morning I Visited this temple very famous  in Chennai. This is the place that Kamakshi did penance and married lord Shiva.The whole place was a mango Groove and the heat of the tapas started burning the area . So Lakshmi appealed to Shiva and pacified Kamakshi at Kovoor nearby.( see my blog on Kovoor)
      As already alludedto this was theplace parvati did severe penence on one foot to obtain shiva as her husband. Shiva appears as anold man and taunts her .I learnabout that through  Kalidasas poetry which was a prescribed sanskrit poetry  for me in school entitled "Parvati Bhava Pariksha".As per Shiva's instructions when the  Goddess Left the place without extinguishing the fire the whole area suffered from the unbearable heat for a long time. Sri AdiSankara of Kaladi came here and installed SRI ARDHAMERU CHAKRAM and extinguished the fire. SRI CHAKRAM in Mangadu is very rare in India.The three famous kamakshi's in porur area are Mangadu Kamakshi, Adi kamakshi in Gerugambakkamn ketu temple (neelakanteshwara temple kethu sthalam see my blog) and the Kovoor someshwara temple.
How to Reach:
Take the poonamalle highroad from chennai and reach the poonamalli byepass at Saveetha Dental college . Take the  left underpass here and proceed to the signal here take a right and turn into the Kunrathur road and proceed for about a kilometre and  you will see the road to the temple at the right. You can also reach the signal from Kathipara by taking the butt road and cross SRMC and take a left at the end of this road.
( temple legend)
The whole temple has been renovated a few years ago with marble lined corridors. There is always a rush to enter. Special darshan tickets Rs.50 are available and this queue takes you through the exit route into the main sanctum.
The coconuts are all broken outside and a fast track darshan ensues. The panchaloha idol of Kamakshi is seen standing on one toe (Tapas kamakshi) in the outer prakaram . The main sanctum has a seated kamakshi with the ardhameru in front.The Ardhameru Sri Chakram is the chief divinity in this temple. Kumkum Archana is performed and no abhishekam for Sri Chakram, since it is made up of herbals. Sri Adhi Kamakshiamman (in Panchalogam) has been installed in the sanctum by Sri Kanchi Paramacharya Swamigal.
There willbe a lot of pilgrims doing adi pradakshinam and also angapradakshinam at any given time. onthe culmination of their wishes they distribute sweet payasam.
The outer praharam has a sannidhifor Vinayaka and the saptha kannikas The Utsavamurthy’s are tastefully decorated and kept in a seperate sanidhi.
Tapas kamakshi fulfills all our sincere prayers .