Monday, February 6, 2012

Perumbakkam Sri.Venkata Varada perumal Temple

This is a serene small temple i happened to visit yesterday.The temple houses both Varadharaja and Venkatesa perumal hence the name.The temple is the abhimanaksethram of the jeer of the Ahobilamadam and has been the seat of the sadas that selected The 37 th  jeer Srivann Satakopa Sri Veeraraghava Satakopa Yathindra Maha Desikan.. There in lies a story
How to reach:
About  seven kms from Vizhupuram on the Vizhupuram Thirukoilur road (SH69) perumbakkam is small hamlet.On reaching this village the temple is the main attraction situated on the right side about 100 m away
The temple was built in 1605 AD as per records.It is famous for Sri Varadaraja perumal who has a raised right hand in benediction as well as Sri Venkatesa perumal who has a lowered right hand pointing towards his feet as the pathway to salvation.
According to legend, Lord Varadaraja appeared in the dream of a Vedic scholar  residing at Perumbakkam and directed him to retrieve the idols buried in his land called `Thoramaniam' and build a temple for Him and His Consorts. He had also said that it should be called Venkata Varadaraja Perumal temple. Accordingly, the scholar and other  devotees of the village dug up the land, found the idols of Venkata Varadaraja Perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi, . The main shrine of Sri Venkata Varadaraja Perumal with His Consorts was built with special granite brought from `Kalpattu', as per Agama sastras, with ardhamandapam, mahamandapam, etc., in the year 1605 A.D., according to the inscriptions found in the temple. Subsequently, a separate shrine for Perundevi Thayar and a sannidhi for Andal were built. Other sannidhis for Bashyakarar, Nammazhwar and Vedantha Desikar, with a front mandapam, were added on. Later, a separate sannidhi with mandapam was built for Adivann Satakopa Yathindra Maha Desikan, the founder and the first Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Mutt.
(source :The Hindu)
The temple is very close to the jeers of the Ahobila mutt  as it has been associated with a Jeeyar who was selected by a sadas here.
The 36th Jeeyar, Sri Vann Satakopa Sri Srinivasa Yathindra Mahadesikan, camped here for nearly one year and performed Mangalasasanam to Sri Venkata Varadaraja Perumal. He passed away without nominating a successor, on December 27, 1898.
At that time, U. V. Gopalacharya Swami, of Pillaipakkam was doing Aradhana Kainkaryam at Sri Matam. He was very devoted and sincere in his duties but was unwilling to take up sanyasasramam as he felt it would hinder his aradhana duties at the math. On January 24, 1899, the Srivaishnavas of Perumbakkam convened a sadas to discuss the issue and requested U. V. Gopalacharya Swami to accept the post. After much persuasion, he accepted the offer and His Peetarohanam was celebrated immediately.
The swami was the author of several Vedantic works. He assumed the thirunamam, Srivann Satakopa Sri Veeraraghava Satakopa Yathindra Maha Desikan. A staunch devotee of Sri Venkata Varadaraja Perumal, he adored Him as the replica of Kanchi Sri Varadaraja, on whom he has composed several slokas. Even though this Jeeyar adorned the peetam for only 11 months, he stayed in the village and worshipped Sri Venkata Varadaraja Perumal. It was during the period of the 36th and 37th Jeeyars that Perumbakkam devotees developed Sri Adivann SatakopaYathindra Mahadesikan Sannidhi and started celebrating a 10-day festival `Thirukettai' Sathumarai in Purattasi. The practice continues even today.
Sri Injimedu Azhagiyasingar, the 42nd Jeeyar, has proclaimed this village as Dakshina Ahobilam. The temple is thus associated with several Jeeyar swamis of the Ahobila Mutt.
The temple was closed when I visited but the bhattar was kind enough to open it at 12 noon.
The main sanidhi has Varadaraja perumal with consorts.Varadaraja perumal has narasimhar on his chest which can be seen  during thirumanjanam

Just outside the main sanni is the sannidhi of Venkatesa perumal .This is because that during retrival  it was noticed that the Sridevi idol had a cut on the left side of the face hence she appeared in the dream of the priest and asked to be consecrated outside the main sanctum.
There is a seperate sanndhi for perundevithayar , andal, Chakrathalwar and also the doyens of the Vaishnavas as seen belowDSCN3628
DSCN3637 DSCN3635 DSCN3636
The kalyana anjeneyar seen above is very famous here. He accepts full coconuts after they are presented to varadaraja as kanikkai to improve marriage and child bearing prospects.
The shrine for the founder of the ahobila madam.
In short a small compact temple