Sunday, March 18, 2012

Kakalur Sri.Veera Anjenaya swamy

Today 18/3/2012 I had the opportunity to visit this small but very ancient temple near Tiruvellore.
How to reach:
Kakalur is a small village on the MTH road 3 kms from Tiruvellore. It is well connected by rail and road.It can be reached from chennai. About 3 kms before Tiruvellore on the MTH road look for a left deviation which leads you to the temple on the main road itself in about 500 metres
kakalurtiruvangadu 002
This temple apparently about1000 years old is associated with Shri Vyasraja a great madhwa saint who was the raja guru of the vijayanagara king Krishnadevaraya and was the paramaguru  of Shri Raghavendra swamy. Some say shri Vyasaraja was re born as raghavendra swamy to complete his mission on earth.
Shri Raghavendra swamy happened to spend about 17 years in this temple and has composed songs on his favorite diety Shri.Veera anjeneya. There is a small  picture of him and also a plaque to signify this event inside the temple
Shri Vyasaraja installed more than 700 anjeneya swamy idols. The common feature of these idols are they are all huge, face the north , they are all in profile, the right hand is in abhaya posture and the left has a sougandhika pushpam. There is a bell at the tip of the tail as a harbringer of good news
( click here for a representative photo:
link to vyasaraja's Hanuman idols list
There are a couple of trees a neem entwined with  arasamaram at the entrance which is an auspicious combination. There is also a vinayaga temple next door managed by the same priests.
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