Sunday, April 15, 2012

Brahmapurishwarar(Sathyavageeswarar) temple at Anbil

Anbil also boasts of an old Siva temple sathya vaageshwarar temple / Brahmapurishwarar temple which is a padal petra sthalam and also a very ancient Siva temple.This is the 57th Shiva temple on the northern bank of Cauvery praised in holy hymns.
History and Legends of the temple:
Saint Thirugnana Sambandar was singing the glory of Lord, and  passing through this place. there was heavy floods in Cauvery. The saint could not cross the river to reach the place. He sang in praise of Lord from the other side of the river, but the sound could not reach the temple clearly. Vinayaka in the temple turned His ear to the direction of the sound and enjoyed the hymns with a smile. He bent one of His legs, sat in a half-sitting form with His ears wide open and head tilted to one side . A sculpture depicting this story is in the temple. Sevi sayitha vinayakar
Brahma was released of his cursed  for  lying when he said he had seen the top part of Shivain the lingothbavar form . He prayed here and got relief from the  curse.
The Navagrahas have also come here and prayed to Shiva here as depicted in the carvings, Parvathy devi is also shown to be praying to shiva here.
The temple has a beautiful Rajagopuram.
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 184
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 185
There are two Nandi’s guarding the door. the whole temple is more than 1 1/2 acres big!.
the main gopuram leads to a garden with a huge pondmandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 229
This leads to the outer praharam
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 186

Beyond this we see the inner praharam
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 190
 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 189 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 192 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 193 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 194
The main sannithi of Shiva is seen nextmandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 196
There is a resplendent Shiva inside .
There is a seperate sannidhi for the ambal which also faces east to the left of the main sannidhi
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 215

There are exquisite carvings on all the pillars and the side walls of the temple which show multiple devathas praying to Shiva like agni Chandra, parvathy, Vyagrapada, brahma , Surya ,Nagas,etcmandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 213 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 211 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 212
The outer praharam has a sannidhi for the Sevi saitha vinayakar alluded to before mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 203
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 204 
The kosta vigrahas of brahma, bhikshandar, dakshinamurthy,etc are all seen
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 201 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 205 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 207 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 209
There is a separate Shanishwara as well as a navagraha sannidhi seen below
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 217
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 219
Appar, Sundarar, Manickavasagar, thirugnanasambhandar and sekkizhar are  represented heremandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 224
More pics of the carvings on the pillar
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 221 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 223 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 225 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 226 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 227 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 220
A very artistic, calm and history rich place!!