Monday, April 2, 2012

Kadambar Koil

The village itself is called Kadambar koil after the temple.

How to reach
This is around 15 kms from Uthiramerur on the Kanchipuram road.The temple can easily be missed. Before you come to the bridge accross the cheyyar look for the temple arch on the left and proceed for about 1 km via verdant greenery to reach the temple.The temple is midway between Kanchi and Uthiramerur
The temple has been sung by Thirugnana Sambandar and so should be more than 1300 years old
This lord was prayed to by kashyapa muni when the yaga he was doing was disrupted by asuras Mahanan and Maagaral.  lord Shiva  then asked Kandan to proceed to help the rishi which kumaran did with the help of the magic vel.Since he worshipped his father here the lord is known as Kadambareshwarar as Kadamba is one of murugan’s names
The river Cheyyar flows west to east. At this place it flows north to south like the ganges and hence it is a moksha puri like Kasi.
Once a brahmin from Pandya kingdom  called Gunaseelan died, his son Budhisenan brought his ash to immerse it in Kasi. When he was having a bath here keeping the pot with ash in the bank the water happened to fall on the ashes and he was surprised to find that the bones got changed to flowers in the pot. At that time, a  voice was heard that this place is much holier than Kasi and so  the ashes can  be immersed here. He did the same in the river Cheyyar So this is a place where one can do the rituals for the forefathers like in Kasi and to worship for salvation.
The outer view of the temple
(View of the kodimaram from the main gate)
View of the nandhi
The main sanctum houses a small Sivalingam which is slanting to the left facing east. This is a swayumbhu lingam and there is a gajaprushti vimanam.
The main praharam also houses Avudai nayaki amman in the standing posture facing south
There is a small navagraha sannidhi outside in the praharam a later addition.
There is an adhikara nandi  and 63 nayanmarsin the outer praharam with the usual kosta vigrahams of ,Vinayaka, Lingodhbavar,Dakshinamurthy, Durga ,Chandikeshwarar and Bhairavar in their usual niches as in all Siva temples
A small and peaceful temple
Archakar Shri Kannan.T Cell:9655035503
I reached the temple at about 11:45 AM and it was closed but local people sumoned the very patient and affable archakar who re opened the temple and showed us around and answered all my queries in a soft way and made me  feel very blessed!
Hours from 7 AM to 11:30 and 4Pm to 7:30 PM