Sunday, April 15, 2012

Manthurai Amravaneeshwarar near Lalgudi

On Tamil New years Day 14/4/ 2012 i visited a few temples near Lalgudi my village in trichy district.
The Manthurai temple is a very ancient temple .It is one of the Paadal petra sthalams The temple is praised in the Thevaram hymns of Tirugnanasambandar and in Tirupugazh hymns of Arunagirinathar.   This is the 58th Lord Shiva shrine on the northern bank of Cauvery praised in Thevaram hymns.
How to Reach:
On the Trichy Lalgudi road after crossing Valadi just before lalgudi about 14 kms from the toll gate look for the left turning to the temple it is about 500 metres away.
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 077
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 102
(ayyanar koil in front)
Legends of the temple:
it is an ancient parihara sthalam where Surya did tapas and redeemed himself of his curse and took back Samygna devi who could not bear his heat,( She was the daughter of Vishwakarma the architect)
Indra got salvation for his misbehavior with Ahalya,
This is one of the Pancha (five) Shiva Temples in lalgudi region.The others being Thirumangalam, Nagar,Anbil and Lalgudi
Mrikandu Munivar (father of Markandeya) as  a deer is  said to have worshipped Shiva under a mango tree here, and this legend is illustrated in stucco in the temple.
Once the rishi was cursed to be born as a deer in this forest. His parents(deers) were also cursed demons who were killed by Siva and Parvathy and given salvation. The Deer cub was also taken care of by parvathy and ultimately relieved of the curse here. ( Manthurai can mean forest of mango trees or area where Deer roam)
Brahma  is said to have brought the Gayatri Nadi at the completion of his worship here, and his act of having made the false claim of having seen the top of the column of fire in which Shiva had manifested himself, was absolved here.
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 110
As you enter the Main gopuram you see the main praharam which houses the sanctum of Sri Amravaneeshwarar  in front facing the east and ambal Valambika on the right facing North
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 115
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 114
The outer praharam has bhikshandar, Adishankarar, Narthana ganapathy,  Dakshinamurthy.mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 126 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 124 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 125
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 129
maha vishnu in the back
There are two  separate shrines for murugan
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 130  In one the songs of arunagirinathar are sculpted
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 133
There is another Murugan shrine and one for gajalakshmi on the right
Durgai can be seen below mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 132
There is a seperate Suryan as well as a navagraha where in Suryan has his Samygna devi by his side . There is a bhairavar next to the suryan
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 136 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 135
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 108 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 107
The festivals celebrated in the temple.
Aipasi Annabishekam in October-November,
Tirukarthikai Deepan in November-December
Sri Adi Sankaracharya Jayanti in Vaikasi-May-June  Temple's Speciality:

Sun God worships Lord Shiva in the temple in Panguni month –March-April by spreading His rays on the Lord.
There is no Dwaja sthambam in this temple