Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sri Oushadhagirishwarar temple Tirukkachur

This is also called malai koil locally.It is the second temple in Tirukkachur and is about 2 kms away on top of a hillock.
How to reach:
From the Thyagarajaswamy temple follow the road to the right and you will go uphill into the temple. The Kumbabishekam was performed 2 months ago and the temple was all freshly painted.
Legend of the temple:
On the instruction of indra who devoloped some health problems the ashwini twins came here to search for herbs.After prolonged search they could not get the herbs,they then prayed to Shiva and the amman here removed the ignorance and shed light to them thus helping them find the herbs hence she is called Irul neeki amman ( dispeller of darkness). The Sivalingam is called oushadeshwarar. There is a belief here that the mud from the kodi maram area will dispell all sickness and is carried by devotees to apply on their body and also consume it!( kodi maram is seen below)


(View of the main praharm from outside)
The outer praharam has a ganapathy sannidhi seen above  and alsoa naga devathai corner.
There is a Arumugham under the banyan tree with lots of monkeys for company20120401_093720
The amman sannidhi is outside facing north 20120401_092812
There is a special well here which also has a series of steps leading into the water which is supposed to have medicinal properties
( see the tunnel on the right the next pic shows the steps leading down to this )20120401_092806
The chandikeshwarar here is unique with four faces
There is facility for a 3 Km girivalam foot path around the temple which is recomended for its medicinal value of the air with herbs mixed.

A truly healthy spiritual visit!!