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Sri.Samavedhishwarar,Lokanayaki temple Thirumangalam near Lalgudi

This temple is the only unique temple in the world  dedicated to the vedas especially Samaveda. The temple is more than 2000 years old. Built by the Cholas.The place is considered in equal sacredness to Kasi and Gaya. It is a padal petra sthalm sung by Sundarar, Nambianda nambigal and Sekkhiar
How to reach:
About 5 kms away from the manthurai temple as you reach Lalgudi there is a left turning with a big board announcing the route to the temple. Travel 4 kms in this narrow village road and you will reach the temple. The same road takes you to Nagar temple in another 1 Km which is also one of the old Sivastalams around Lalgudi. Visiting  manthurai, Nagar, Anbil, Tirumangalam and Saptharishi temple in Lalgudi in one day is considered auspicious. All are ancient and built by the Cholas more than 2000 years ago.
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 137
Legend of the temple:
 Sri Parashurama prayed to the lord here to be absolved of the sin of hacking his mother.
Goddess Lakshmi worshiped Shiva here hence the place is called Thiru mangalam
Chandikeswarar worshiped Shiva here to get rid of Pithru hathi dosha for killing his father, and  attained moksham.
Saint Jaimuni classified and interpreted Sama Veda in the precincts of this temple.
Thiru anayana nayanar was born here and attained moksha here. He  had the job of taking care of the temple cattle. He was an exquisite flute player  and mesmerised all with his bhakthi.. A statue of the Nayanar is seen inside along with that of other nayanmars who visited the temple. .
Sundarar,Nambianda nambigal and Sekkhiar also have sung about this lord so it is a padal petra sthalam.
There is a beautiful  multi stepped  natural waterfall near by called gaya phalguni river created by Shiva himself in response to a prayer by a rishi.Ravikuravi
As you enter the huge temple complex you can see three praharams
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 There are exquisite carvings on the pilars
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 141
The three praharas are well seen here above
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 164
The main sannidhi here is the sivan sannidhi where the lingam is facing east.
The ambal sannidhi is in the second praharam facing south
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 142
The kosta vigrahas are all unique.There is a Bhikshandar and a fruit laden Sthala vruksham mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 144
Dakashina moorthy is here with abhaya mudra. that is right hand showing benediction
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 146
The back has  shankara Narayanan mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 150

Lingam worshipped by Parashurama is also here
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Subramanya swamy is known as Kalyana Subramanyar. As a unique thing, we can see Valli on peacock with Subramanya and Devayanai standing beside her. Arumuga peruman is seen with six faces and four hands as a shatru samhara moorthy. . 
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There is a gajalakshmi sannidhi next to the murugan sannidhi
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Durga here is Vishnu Durgai on Simha vahana.and not on the mahishasura Hence is a shanta durga.
The Nayanmars are all  represented here so also Chandikeshwarar
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Bhairavar and Kala bhairavar are also special here. The Vibhuti prasadam from the Bhairavar is said to cure many ills. it should be taken  and applied without speaking.They are seen belowmandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 158
Next to the bhairavar/Kala bhairavar  is Suryan  in the red vastram . Next to him is Sanishwara The Crow of Sanishwara here is facing north hence he  is known to help in retrieving losses in land, business etc.,.
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This temple is a parihara sthalam for Doshas incurred from neglecting ancestors as seen by Parashurama, Chandikeshwara, You can get cured of ills by the Bhairavar here. You can retrieve losses by prayers to Sanishwara here.
Adhikara Nandiwith his spousemandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 162
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The temple legends