Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sri Vadivazhagiya Nambi Perumal Temple at Anbil

I have been fascinated with the name Anbil as I first came across it in the novel Ponniyin selvan by Shri Kalki. The prime minister of Sundar Chola  anirudha brahmarayar hailed from this place . The next connection of Anbil is the recovery of copper plates of the Chola kings at this place 
This temple is one of the 108 Divya desams
Anbil is also known by the names of Tirumaalayanturai, Mandookapuri, and Bhrahmapuri.
This temple is referred to by a pasuram of Tirumazhisai Alwar where he addresses seven shrines featuring Vishnu in a reclining position - Tirukkudandai, Tiruvekaa, Tiruvallur, Tiruvarangam, Tiruppernagar, Anbil and Tirupparkadal
How to Reach:
In the trichy Ariyalur road after you cross Lalgudi proceed straight  for about 8 kms. the road was horrible but we managed.The temple is right on the main road with a big board we can not miss on the left hand sidemandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 168
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 166
Legends and History:
It is one of the temples built by Sundara chozha the father of raja raja chola . It seems he prayed here once before going to battle. Since he emerged victorius he built the temple in a grand manner.
Once when Manduka Maharishi was in penance under water. Saint Dhurvasa waited for him on the bank for long time. Since Saint Manduka did not see the sage,Saint Dhurvasa cursed him to become frog( manduka is frog in sanskrit).  Saint Mandukacame to this place and did penance on Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu appeared before him and blessed him,so Saint Manduka regained his form. This place was previously called as “Mandukaa (frog) puri”. The pond here is also called as “Manduka Theertham”.
Once when Thirumezhisai Alwar came here, he sung a song on Lord Vishnu to appear on him and make the people know that he is Lord Vishnu’s ardent devotee, and Lord Vishnu came out of Thirumezhisai Alwar and appeared here as “Vadhivazhagiya Nambi”
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 169
As you enter you see the main sannidhi and the dwjasthambam.
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 173
The main prahram leads into the Sanctum of the wonderful pallikonda perumal with Sri Devi and Bhudevi both on each side of the lord holding his legs. so We can not see the lord’s feet. The utsava murthy is called Sundara varada  perumal. Andal is depicted here in the sitting posture.
To the South east is the thayar Sannidhimandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 175

There is a nice Garden around the temple . it is wel maintained
mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 182 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 178 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 179 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 180 mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 181

mandurai,anbil,tirumangalam 170
Senai mudalvar’s sannithi seen behind which was acknowledging Sundara Chozha’s contribution.
1 Paasuram
Thirumazhisaialwar has sung in praise of this sthalam – 2417.