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Sundara varadar temple uthiramerur

Uthiramerur town was once a flourishing trade centre under the Pallavas in the 4-10 century situated midway between the Capital Kanchi and the port city Mahabalipuram.This is one of the main temples built by the Pallavas here..The temple has been repaired by other rulers like Raja Raja chola, Rajendra chola and lastly Krishnadevaraya in the 15 th century
How to reach:
Uthiramerur is about 35 kms from Kanchipuram and about 85 kms from Chennai. On the Chennai Tiruchy highway after Chengalpet look for a right turn after Andal Azhagar engineering college. The town is 19 kms on this road which  ends in the temple.(SH 118)
Legend of the temple:
It is connected with the Mahabharata agnatha vasa in the Virata parva. For a history of Uthiramerur see my introduction below
The entrance of the temple is very impressive
In the fore ground you see the Shrine of Veera Anjeneya who was established here by Shri Vyasaraja who was the Raja guru of krishna devaraya and who spent many years here.
The temple is built in three tiers with total nine Vishnu sannidhis and a separate Thayar sannidhi. This is one of the three 3 tier temples in Tamil nadu Thiru Koshtiyur (where Ramanuja was initiated the Thiru Mandiram) and Koodal Azhagar (in Madurai)  also have three tiered Gopurams..While the other two have only one deity in each of the tiers, this l temple has 4 deities each in Tier 1 and 2 and one deity in Tier 3.This is the only Vaishnavite temple in India with Nine Murthies in a three tier structure.
The entrance to the main temple
You can see the Garudalwar sannidhi behind the kodi maram
All the Vigrahas here are made of wood and hence there is no abhishekam only tirumanjanam with oils.
The first level:
This level houses the main sannidhi of Sri Sundara varadhar in the standing posture( Nindran).Facing east. He is accomnpanied by Sridevi and Bhuma devi . There are exquisite paintings behind the main lord in the back ground please ask the priest to show them to you. This Perumal was the diety to which bheema was attached to.The outside praharam houses the seperate  Thayar sannidhi and the three sides of the Main temple have
Achutha Varadar( prayed by Arjuna) on the Southern Side,
Aniruddha Varadar on the West (behind Sundara Varadar) prayed by Nakula
Kalyana Varadar on the Northern side.prayed by Sahadeva.
It is believed that Those who pray here (with their horoscope) to Kalyana Varadar on 5 consecutive Wednesdays are said to find their life mate immediately. Those who offer prayers on Tuesdays to Achutha Varadar are said to find jobs immediately.
The second level
The second tier houses Vaikunta Varadar in a sitting posture(Idanthan) (he provided Darshan to Dharmaraja).the outer  three sides of the first tier houses idols of
Nara Narayana-(Arjuna and Krishna) on the northern side. Those who are not able to go to Badri can invoke the blessings of Nara Narayana at this temple
Behind the Vaikunta varadar is Yoga Narasimha. facing the west side
The fourth idol  is Lakshmi Varahar seen here in Sitting Posture (in Thiruvidanthai one finds Lakshmi Varahar in a Standing Posture).
The third tier:
Unlike in other vaishnava temples this sanctum has Ganga and Yamuna on either side of the door as dwarapaalikas
The sanctum houses  Anantha padmanabha Perumal in the sleeping posture(Kidanthan). He has an arm on Markandeya rishi and has brahma at his head as well as from his naabhi. Lakshmi devi is found kneeling in front with hands as though receiving a boon.The foot of the Idol shows a standing Shiva with the deer on his left hand and one small change is that he is shown wearing the Vadagalai Namam (maybe while in rome do as romans do?)!!!
So this sannidhi has brahma vishnu and Maheshwara all in one place with Lakshmi devi also
There are a large number of figures of Shiva, Saraswathy, Hanuman,Narasimhar, Rama ,Lakshmana, Rathi  and manmatha in the many tiers of the gopuram and you can spend one whole day in trying to find them!

The Architect of the temple is Brighu rishi and he is represented in the sculpture below20120401_110843
In all an awe inspiring temple
Temple Timing : 7am-12noon and 4pm-8pm
Priest : Aravamudhan Bhattar @ 94423 11138/ 97510 35544
Raja Gopala Bhattar @94863 69455
R. Seshadri(Trustee)@ 94430 68382
Festivals : Brahmotsavam in Chitrai, Pavitrotsavam in Aadi, Andal Aadi Pavitrotsavam- Recital of the 4 Vedhas, Sudarashana Homam in Puratasi