Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thindrivaneshwarar and Maragathambikai temple Tindivanam

Having travelled many times on the bypass today I ventured to travel into the town and visit this ancient temple. It is an ancient structure which has now received  a new make over with oil painting , granite and white marble interiors. The temple is still not fully repaired . The chariot festival was over just the previous day.
How to reach:
while proceeding from Chennai to Trichy when you reach Tindivanam bypass the road will have three exits. Take the far right one and proceed for 4.2 kms into the town. The temple is seen on your right20120429_084051
Legends and Story:
The whole area was initially a tamarind forest (Thindri vanam in sanskrit) and the lord is called Thindrivaneshwarar the eashwara (lord of this place). The temple was probably built by the Cholas and there is history of Vyasa having built the rajagopuram.Various ancient rishis  like Valmiki, Vyasa, Dhindi, Killi, Killali, prayed here. The place has also been visited by the saivate savants like Appar Sundarar, Manickavasagar , Thirugnana sambandar ,and Arunagirinathar as per local history.
As you enter the Dwajastambam is seen with the Nandi in front.The area has been covered recently20120429_083059
The main sannidhi is seen in front of the Nandi which looks very aged. The lord is facing east20120429_083128
The main sannidhi has A large Shivalingam  blessing the devotees. There are two corridors to cross before we can see the lord.
The inner praharam around the lord’s shrine has a lot of painted murals with the Koshta vigrahas of Selva ganapathy, Dakshina murthy, Vishnu, Brahma,Durga and Chandikeshwarar. The temple being repaired recently, there is lot of work left to be done, the Dakshinamurthy and Durgai also have a separate small enclosure which has a grilled door that can be best viewed from the outer praharam20120429_083317
There are murals of prahalladha and the surutupalli temple painted on the wall as seen above. There were also few dogs sleeping inside to escape the heat.!! as seen in the photo above at about 9 AM.
The Koshta Vigrahas are seen below in the inner praharam ( under repair)20120429_083550 20120429_083428 20120429_083455 20120429_083540
( The saivaite savants)
The outer praharam has Vinayaka, Murugan, Anjeneyar and Navagrha sannidhisGanapathy sannithi
  (Ganapathy above and murugan below)
Murugan sannithi 20120429_082844
( Navagraha sannidhi above and Anjeneya sannidhi below)

( Maragadhavalli ambal sannithi is seen above to the left of the main sannidhi facing east )20120429_082832
The bhairavar and suryan flank the inside entrance of the Gopuram
An old temple with a modern make over with a new  anjeneyar sannidhi .