Monday, April 2, 2012

Visit to temples from Uthiramerur to Kanchi

I had the chance to visit various temples in Uthiramerur up to Kanchi . The distance of 35 kms houses many ancient temples with quaint legends ..
History of Uthiramerur
As per Legend Uthiramerur was the place where The Pandavas came for their agnathavasa ( Virata Parva of the Mahabharata) in the kingdom of Virata. The name Uthara is associated with both his children Uthraa who was taught dance by Brihannala  and married Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu as well as Uthara kumara the prince who was led into Battle by Charioteer Brihannala ( arjuna in disguise) The main Vishnu temple thus reflects this aspect with Vishnu forms worshipped individually by all the Pandavas.There are nine  perumal Sannidhis in the temple  here.
The earliest documented form of Democracy was practiced here as found on the temple inscriptions in the Kailasanathar temple which was renovated by the ASI recently.The formal Guidelines for Assembly Elections and a constitutional framework was laid out by Parantaka chola in the 10 century AD.the same are inscribed in the walls of this temple
Though inscriptions found here credit the temple to be built by Nandi Varma Pallava in the 8century AD, it is believed to have been started in 6 Century itself  .For more details visit this link from the Hindu
The list of temples on this route were
Sundara Varadar temple
Balasubramanya swamy temple
Kailasanathar temple all in Uthiramerur
Thirupulivanam Vyagrapureeswarar temple about 15kms away( There is aardhanari simha dakshinamurthy)
Kadambar Koil Kadambeshwarar koil another 5 kms away
within 5 kms on theother bank of the Cheyyar river
Thiru Maagaral  Maagaraleshwararkoil ( there is a rare ardhanari Bhairavar here)
Perumal koil Magaral
Poyyamozhi Vinayakar