Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sri Balasubramanyaswamy temple- Uthiramerur

Today I visited this temple as I had missed seeing this temple last month.

The temple is very close to the  Sundaravarada perumal temple and has been sung  about in Tirupugazh of Sri.Arunagirinathar

uthiramerur2 001

How to reach:

Uthiramerur can be reached either from Chengalpet side from the NH 45 . It is about18 kms from Bukathurai .Take the right on the highway after andal azhagar engineering college.The road ends at uthiramerur in front of the Sundara Varada peruma; temple. The Balasubramanya swamy temple is almost  next door

Legends and Facts:

Murugan did penance here before he started on his journey to kill Sura padman. He does penence in the presence of his parents and obtains aVel (spear) with which he slays the asura Sura padman . Here the vahanam for murugan is elephant.This is because only after slaying the asura,surapadman he becomes the peacock which is the vahana of Muruga.uthiramerur2 006

It is a rock hewn temple as per pallava style and you can see the remnants of the hill with huge rocks jutting around in the outer praharamuthiramerur2 023

As you enter the rajagopuram gate you see the dwajasthambam and the elephant  . The way to the inner praharam is seen in front.A recently added ayyappa  sannidhi on the right is glaringly differentuthiramerur2 003

There is an ancient vasantha mandapam on theright as well as a new constructions. The mandapam has intricate carvings sadly whitewashed .uthiramerur2 005

uthiramerur2 028 uthiramerur2 024 uthiramerur2 025

The main sanctum has a 6 foot murugan with four hands and is very impressive. There are figures of Shiva Parvati and Vinayaka behind the main dietyuthiramerur2 009 

The Second praharam inside has unusual Koshta vigrahas . It is not the ganesha, brahma, durga you see it is Sangu nidhi kubera, etcuthiramerur2 011

uthiramerur2 018  uthiramerur2 013


Asara Kondrai tree in full blooom at the temple

uthiramerur2 022 uthiramerur2 020 Tiruppugazh displayed insideuthiramerur2 021

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