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Sri Vyagrapureeshwarar temple-Tirupulivanam

About 5 kms from Uthiramerur temple is this old temple where in Sage Vyagrapada and his wife prayed to and got darshan of Shiva. This is a vypu sthalam where in appar has mentioned the temple in his songs.(There is a confusion whether this temple is spoken of or the one at tirupulivanam near kumbhakonam is spoken of.Though this is the bigger of the two temples)

How to reach:

The temple is 5 kms away from Uthiramerur on the Uthiramerur kanchipuram road and can easily be seen from the road.

Legends and stories:

The uniqueness of the temple here is the Dakshinamurthy which is supposedly a ardhanari.The sanctum of the guru has  Vyagrapada and his consort,King and Queen who prayed for children at Woriyur trichy and were directed here by the lord to pray for begetting children, Saint Vyagrapada is also supposed to have begotten progeny here.

The priest of the temple was instructed to send the garland of the lord daily . He was careless and there was a hair in the garland. When the king questioned him about the hair he says that the Lord has sprouted hair and this is one of them!! when the kind came to check the lord out of compassion to the priest had actually sprouted a head full of hair.This can be seen on the sivalingam today also

The dakshinamurthy here is unique,the right leg is on mugilan the left on a simham ,The left lower hand is pointing towards the right foot .This simha dakshinamurthy is to be prayed for all to by Simha rasi individuals .

Mother amrutha kuchalambal is supposed to cure diseases.

uthiramerur2 056

The temple has a vasantha mandapam outside along with a bali peedam and nandi on the approach road itselfuthiramerur2 058

As you enter the temple rajagopuram entrance you see the amman sannidhi on the right facing South. This is a separate structure away from the main temple. The amman is about 4 feet tall with a smiling face in the standing posture.uthiramerur2 062

The entrance to the temple is through the multi pillared hall which has many beautiful carvings of stone

uthiramerur2 060

The inner praharam is peaceful with the main vimanam of the gajaprushti type. The main sanctum has a swayumbhu siva lingam with marks of  tiger claws and a head with a Shikha (Kudumi!)

The koshta vigrahas and Devathas are unique here with a separate sannidhin for the srdhanari dakshina murthy who has an enclosure that needs to be climbed up to . There is also a   narasimhar in the pillar facing the Koshta Varadarajan in the  west.   The small figures are all intricately carved.

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Vyagrapadar above and Brahma below

uthiramerur2 071 uthiramerur2 072


The features of the idols are so beautiful and proportionate.

uthiramerur2 075

A  very intricately carved ganesha in the second praharam

The vigrahas in the pillars of the front hall are also a treat to watch

uthiramerur2 073 uthiramerur2 061 uthiramerur2 063 uthiramerur2 069

Nandion the Chandikeswarar enclosure

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