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Thiruvaiyaru Panchanadheshwara temple

The season of Marghazhi brings a hectic life to this sleepy town due to the annual Thyagaraja utsavam. Though it is more famous for shri Thyaga brahmam who lived here it is also famous for the huge Shiva temple. It is a Paadal petra sthalam visited by many nayanmars. Sundarar had the flooded cauvery part to facilitate his visit, Appar Thirugnanasambandar have sung about this temple. The Town of Thiruvaiyaru is crisscrossed by the Cauvery and its various tributaries making it 5 rivers here hence the presiding diety is pancha nadhi eashwara or Ayarappan in tamil. He rules over with Dharma samvardhini ambal.

How to Reach:

The fastest way to reach thiruvaiyaru is from Tanjore by road its about 9kms.It can also be reached from trichy via Kallanai the grand anaicut, at present the road here is horrible between Manakkal and thirukattupalli  so it is better avoided. There is also a road via the kollidam banks via Appakudathan temple a divya desam.

Legends of the temple:

It is the birthplace of Nandi and Shiva performed the marriage of Nandi here. Annually It is celebrated with Nandi visiting 7 temples in procession as part of the sapthapadi

Kulathungachola  Apparently built this temple as per directions from a saint The temple has many contributions from the Pallavas,Chelas and the Hoysalas and Mahrattas too.

The temple has 5 prakaras and Ambal has a seperate temple in one prakaram.

The temple is being renovated by the Dharmapura aadhenam and is being readied for Kumbabishekam in Feb 2013


The rajagopuram from inside


Way to the Ambal sannidhiIMG_0104

Multiple pillars in the hall in the ambal complex





The main temple has manypraharams and the Lord is in the inner praharam as a shivalingam.

The second praharam has wall murals by the Mahrattas in 18 century being re done now.The original is below


The Birth place of Nandi


A meditation Centre inside leading to Guru sannidhi



A maha vilvam tree with 12 leaves


Kosta vigrahas Bhairavar



The temple legend


The temple Nandi


Nachiar Koil the Divyadesam inside Trichy in Woriyur

This vaishnavaite temple inside Woriyur is a sacred Divyadesam which was built by the Cholas initially.

How to reach:

It is just about 500 metres to the south of the Shiva temple and is very easily found.Just proceed to the end of Salai road and turn left and right again you will be in front of the temple.

Legends of the temple:

The Chola king had no children after prayers to Sriranganatha he was blessed with Goddess Mahalakshmi being born as his daughter Kamalavalli. When she was to be married the King had a dream which directed him to Srirangam with his daughter where she merged with the lord. In her memory he built this temple in Woriyur. Later when Shiva’s ire reduced the town into a desert the temple was lost and was later rebuilt.


As you enter the Rajagopuram you enter the outer praharam below. There is a huge pond on the left

IMG_0136 IMG_0137

View from the pond

IMG_0138 IMG_0139

The main sanctum has a Ranganathar in the Standing posture bedecked as a bridegroom with a small statue of Kamalavalli nachiar sitting below as the bride.

There is no separate thayar sannidhi.

There are seperate sannidhis for manavala mamunivar and for Tiruppanalwar who was born in Woriyur

Thirumangai Azhvaar has composed one paasuram (song/verse in praise of the Lord).
Koziyum Kadalum Koil Konde, Kovalare Yoppar Kundramanna
Paazhiyum Tozhumore Naankudayaar, Pandivar Thammayaum Kandariyom
Vaazhiyro vivar vanna Mennil, Makadal Ponrular Kaiyil Veiya
Azhiyon Renthiyor Sangu Patri, Acho Oruvar Azhagiyavaa

A very peacerful temple

Shri Panchavarneshwarar temple Uraiyur (Woriyur) Trichy

Woriyur was the Capital Of the Cholas and this is the main Shiva temple here . I visited this place with lots of expectations . The place was called Thirumukkichuram in olden times.
How to reach:
It is easily reached via salai road. The temple street is called PVS  (Pancha varneshwara swamy) street. The present temple was supposedly built by the pallavas.
It was built in the 8th century by the  Pandiya King Varaguna Maharaja II. An inscription dated 885 AD has referred to the donation of gold coins to the village sabha for performing poojas to the temple. Inscriptions in the Rcokfort Thaymanavar temple at Tiruchirapalli also speak of the donations by the pandya king Varagunaa Maharaja II.The temple legend mentions Karikala chola as the chief builder.
The Chola king Veera vathithan was once travelling on an elephant and the elephant became  mad it was subdued by a Cockerel which saved the king hence he built the temple. Even today a Cockerel visits the temple daily evening during pooja.
Kochenka Cholan who built 78 temples was born in this place and was a great devotee of this lord.
Garuda, Brahma have worshipped here.
Uthanga munivar  received the darshan of Shiva in five hues at different times of the day in this place hence here Shiva is called Panchavarneshwarar. There is a separate shrine for this rishi in the inner praharam
View from the outer Gate
There is a huge courtyard with a pond and lots of cows There was a Shivan under the sthalavruksham Vilva tree which the people were doing poojas to.

The outer courtyard
The Doorway in front of the nandi leads us into the inner praharam
The inner praharam has a huge Sannidhi for Gomathi  ambal on the right facing South.
The main Sanctum has Shiva in the linga form facing east
There are 74 nayanmars statues on the side . The Gosta vigrahas around the main sanctum are Narthana Ganapathy, Dakshinamurthy , Ardhanari , Brahma, Durga and Chandikeshwarar.
There are separate sannidhis for Vinayaka, Murugan, Gajalakshmi.  The Chandikeshwara here is quite tall about 4 feet. The pillared hall has a number of exquisite carvings like the multi faced ganapathy, Thandava Shiva and Kali below.
 IMG_0144 IMG_0145 IMG_0146
The temple legend

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Allur Shri Panchanadishwarar temple

Allur was the centre of Vedic learning in the past.This is comparitively a big temple in this area but sadly not very popular.The lord here is Panchnadishwarar with Dharmasamvardhini ambal

How to reach:

Along the Trichy Karur kulitalai road at about 10 kms you can see the temple on the left hand side

There is a Raja gopuram and a big courtyardIMG_0148


As you enter you see The nandi with the main sanctum housing both the Ambal facing south and the shivalingam facing East


The Kosta vigrahas are not present. IMG_0151

There is a seperate shrine for Vinayaka, Murugan  as in other shiva temples


A serene temple.

Jeeyapuram ShriChandrashekarendra Temple

This is a padal petra sthalam though I tried twice I found the door closed.

How to Reach:

 The road from trichy to kulithalai will take a left curve and almost climb over the temple ramparts so you can not miss this temple.It is about a kilometer from the Allur temple


The temple is supposedly housing a Shivalingam which is shaped like a Jack fruit and the sthalavruksham is also a Jack fruit tree which at any given time has fruits both from the branches as well as the roots!!

The temple has been sung about by Sri. Thirugnanasambandar . It was built by Kundavai the Chola Princess

A better explanation of the historicity is found here


Hope some day The lord blesses me with a detailed darshan

LAst friday 16/5/14 I had an occation to see this temple. The main Garba gruha was locked though. It was a huge complex with separete sannidhis for Chandrashekareshwara and Ambal Mrugadharambikai ( Daping the Animal- a deer also known as Maan endhiya valli in Tamil)

THe view of the first praharam20140516_172916

The nandi seen in the foreground


Entrance toThe main sannidhi which was closed


The main sannidhi has lot of writings all around and have been researched by the ASI

as seen in the history. In a  variation from usual I found a vrishabanatha behind a mew dakshinamurthy




The sthalavruksham with a nandi in  front20140516_174028

Plenty of Bhiva fruits in the garden


The western side had a Ardhanari in the back



Notice the inscriptions around this niche all a treasure trove of history

The ambal sannidhi is in the fore ground facing South. The ambal is seen leaning on a deer which was very nice


Vinayagar sannidhi behind the main sannidhi


Navagraha in the forecourt of the Main sannidhi



A small Lion figurine with two bodies and one face a masterpiece lying forgotten as the temple itself is , avery sad story regarding our cultural heritage!!


Shri Tharukavaneshwarar Temple at Thiruparithurai

This temple is one of the 275 Padalpetra sthalams in Trichy . Thiruparaithurai means area where paarai trees abound.The place is very famous for the residential school here and it is just  a walking distance from the Mukkombu the area where the Cauvery splits into Kollidam and Cauvery with dams on either side. It is a popular picnic spot.

How to reach:

About 14kms from trichy The road leads to the temple . The highway is being widened.The temple is on the left and easily approached.



The Saptharishis who were camped here and their wives had become conceited with the powers of their penance so the fruits of penance were not being beneficial to mankind. Shiva and Vishnu descended to teach these people a lesson.Shiva was the handsome nude nomadic beggar Bhikshandar and Vishnu was the Mohini. The Rishis started getting attracted to Mohini where as they became angry when the found their wives folowing the nude beggar. They started conjuring tigers to attack which shiva killed and wore the skin as a dress. He caught the poisonous snakes unleashed and wore them as ornaments and the Trishul which was thrown at him became his weapon for all times. When the Rishis realised that this was no ordinary couple and realised their mistake and lost their ego. Shiva directed them to Lalgudi where they did prayers to atone .

As you enter the main gopuram there is a long passage way and the Gopuram you see above Inside there is a mandapam for Nandi with life like statues for Appar Sundarar,Arunagirinathar and the king whobuilt the templeIMG_0014


Inside this gopuram is the Main entrance to the temple. The walls of the Doorstep have the history of the temple IMG_0015 IMG_0013

The main praharam has the ambal sannidhi on the right facing South with the main Sivalingam in its glorious grace facing east.

The praharam has an unusual Koshta vigraham of Ardhanari Shiva in the West side.IMG_0019

The usual statues of Vinayaka, murugan Durga, Chandikeshwarar,Natarajar and the Nayanmars are present



A visit to the temple can be ended with a beautiful picnic at the Mukkombu!!