Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jeeyapuram ShriChandrashekarendra Temple

This is a padal petra sthalam though I tried twice I found the door closed.

How to Reach:

 The road from trichy to kulithalai will take a left curve and almost climb over the temple ramparts so you can not miss this temple.It is about a kilometer from the Allur temple


The temple is supposedly housing a Shivalingam which is shaped like a Jack fruit and the sthalavruksham is also a Jack fruit tree which at any given time has fruits both from the branches as well as the roots!!

The temple has been sung about by Sri. Thirugnanasambandar . It was built by Kundavai the Chola Princess

A better explanation of the historicity is found here


Hope some day The lord blesses me with a detailed darshan

LAst friday 16/5/14 I had an occation to see this temple. The main Garba gruha was locked though. It was a huge complex with separete sannidhis for Chandrashekareshwara and Ambal Mrugadharambikai ( Daping the Animal- a deer also known as Maan endhiya valli in Tamil)

THe view of the first praharam20140516_172916

The nandi seen in the foreground


Entrance toThe main sannidhi which was closed


The main sannidhi has lot of writings all around and have been researched by the ASI

as seen in the history. In a  variation from usual I found a vrishabanatha behind a mew dakshinamurthy




The sthalavruksham with a nandi in  front20140516_174028

Plenty of Bhiva fruits in the garden


The western side had a Ardhanari in the back



Notice the inscriptions around this niche all a treasure trove of history

The ambal sannidhi is in the fore ground facing South. The ambal is seen leaning on a deer which was very nice


Vinayagar sannidhi behind the main sannidhi


Navagraha in the forecourt of the Main sannidhi



A small Lion figurine with two bodies and one face a masterpiece lying forgotten as the temple itself is , avery sad story regarding our cultural heritage!!


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