Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lesser Known and rare temples in and around Tiruchirapalli

During the Vaikunta ekadasi earlier this week I found myself exploring some of the little known temples  in around trichy. I finally managed to visit these temples :

1) Temples inside trichy 

In Woriyur

  • Panchavarneshwarar temple
  • Nachiar koil

East Boulevard road

  • Boolokanatha swamy temple
  • Nandrudayan temple  (a very rare temple where Vinayaka is seen in human form)

2)Towards Kulithalai

  • Mutharasannallur Sri Rathnagirishwarar temple
  • Pazhur Vishwanathar Visalakshi Navagraha temple
  • AllurPanchanadhishwarar temple
  • Jeeyapuram Chandrashekarendra Swami temple
  • Thirupparaithurai PanchaThaarukavaneshwarar temple

The above  temples are all situated in the stretch about 15kms from Trichy on the  southern banks of the cauvery .amidst lush greenery and are very small and peaceful.Since they are all small and not well visited the priests can not keep them open as usual as most of them take care of many temples in the area . I had to make 2 trips to see the above. The Marghazhi month meant the pujas started early and the temples remained closed earlier. I could not get proper information about the timings..A safe bet would be to visit around 4 PM when they will be open for the evening pooja.