Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mutharasanallur Rathna Girishwarar Temple near Trichy

This is the first temple from Trichy towards kulithalai.The temple was built by the local chieftain Mutharasan.It is being looked after by a young dedicated priest who went to Mauritius and came back to serve this lord as he found this more fulfilling.

How to reach:

Itis on the 7 km from Trichy. The Railway station is well seen and take the road before the station accross the level crossing.Follow the winding road  on the right when you will cross a bridge and see a new apartment block on the right.Ask for the agraharam and High school.The temple is situated to the left of the apartment block20121225_091137

Legends of the temple:

An elderly chieftain Mutharasan was habituated in visiting the three shiva temples in Kulithalai area. He would see the  kadambhaVaneshwarar in the morning, Rathnagirishwarar in the Iyer malai in the after noon and  Engoinathar in Musiri area in the evening.DUe to advancing years and also the Cauvery being in floods he prayed to God and had the divine vision of all three temples in his own place. He built his temple with Rathna girishwarar as the main diety with the other two lords having seperate temples in side. Hence visiting here ensures the punyam of visiting all the three temples.

As you enter you first see the main temple of  Shri Rathnagirishwarar with Aralakesari amman on the right.20121225_091211

The Shiva lingam is housed in the biggest of the three shrines.It is  resplendent due to the efforts of the priest who had just finished applying Oil to the Stone idols (thaila kaapu) The Outer praharam has Dakshinamurthy in a sheltered enclosure20121225_091805

Behind you can see the sannidhi of Ganapathy on the left and the Sivan sannithi of Thiru Engoinathar and Aralakesari amman on the right



There is also a sannidhi for Murugan on the Northwestern side. The sthalavruksham is the Vanni tree20121225_092038

The South western side has the sannidhis of Shri Kadamba vaneshwarar and Bala Kujalambikai20121225_092144

There is a small enclosure for Bhairavar,Sivasubramanian and Sanishwarar20121225_092106

For details;

Contact the energetic and sincere priest Shri.Shivakumar Cell +919843424289.

I was impressed by his devotion and his conviction that made him return from Mauritius in today's times away from plush job to do daily worship at this temple.

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  1. This is Ganesh righting from Chennai, I am very happy to read such an historical information published in the net and I am very proud to say my native is Mutharasanallur.

    good luck GOS BLESS YOU.

    keep going .