Friday, December 28, 2012

Nachiar Koil the Divyadesam inside Trichy in Woriyur

This vaishnavaite temple inside Woriyur is a sacred Divyadesam which was built by the Cholas initially.

How to reach:

It is just about 500 metres to the south of the Shiva temple and is very easily found.Just proceed to the end of Salai road and turn left and right again you will be in front of the temple.

Legends of the temple:

The Chola king had no children after prayers to Sriranganatha he was blessed with Goddess Mahalakshmi being born as his daughter Kamalavalli. When she was to be married the King had a dream which directed him to Srirangam with his daughter where she merged with the lord. In her memory he built this temple in Woriyur. Later when Shiva’s ire reduced the town into a desert the temple was lost and was later rebuilt.


As you enter the Rajagopuram you enter the outer praharam below. There is a huge pond on the left

IMG_0136 IMG_0137

View from the pond

IMG_0138 IMG_0139

The main sanctum has a Ranganathar in the Standing posture bedecked as a bridegroom with a small statue of Kamalavalli nachiar sitting below as the bride.

There is no separate thayar sannidhi.

There are seperate sannidhis for manavala mamunivar and for Tiruppanalwar who was born in Woriyur

Thirumangai Azhvaar has composed one paasuram (song/verse in praise of the Lord).
Koziyum Kadalum Koil Konde, Kovalare Yoppar Kundramanna
Paazhiyum Tozhumore Naankudayaar, Pandivar Thammayaum Kandariyom
Vaazhiyro vivar vanna Mennil, Makadal Ponrular Kaiyil Veiya
Azhiyon Renthiyor Sangu Patri, Acho Oruvar Azhagiyavaa

A very peacerful temple