Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nandrudayan temple Ganapathy with a Human face!!

This is a unique temple that has a sannidhi with Vinayaka having a Human face.The temple has been spoken of by Kanchi Mahaperiyava for its Nara mukha Ganapathy ( Human faced Ganapathy).It is a very old temple which was originally part of the Rockfort temple complex. It is now undergoing renovation . It is not known to many people locally too!.

How to Reach:

The local population do not seem to know the temple. Ask for Murugan theatre one of the oldest movie theatres in Trichy. The temple is about half a furlong further down on the same side as the theatre. It is almost dwarfed by the surrounding structures and you can easily miss it.IMG_0133

The locked door leads to a small chamber which is actually the back side of the main sannidhi. There is an Anjeneyar installed here facing the road. When you go around and reach the other side of the room you can see a majestic five foot Ganapathy with the usual elephant head . this is the Moolavar. There is a nandi unusually in front of the Ganesha. Maybe a case of the son borrowing Dad’s vehicle !!!

To the right of the main Sannidhi is a small room with a huge 3-4feet tall roly poly god with a human face the Nara mukha Ganapathy!

Inside are also statues of Adi shankara, Sadashiva Brahmendra and three Nayanmars which are usually found when these people have visited and stayed in these temples!!

The friendly flower seller in front of the temple volunteered to open the temple for me as the priest was not there that day. She bade me to wait , crossed the road and got the keys to this lovely temple so that I do not miss this lovely temple.

The main entrance to the temple is on the side away from the road and is now being renovated.

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