Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pazhur Sri.Vishwanatha Visalakshi Navagraha temple

The temple is more famous as Navagraha temple in this area and was blessed by the Kanchi Mahaperiyavaa . The Navagrahas were sculpted in Mysore and were installed here about 80 years ago. The peculiarity of this navagraha installation is that the Navagrahas are present in a separate hall with their consorts and the Rasi if each Navagraha is sculpted below. It is a very famous parihara sthalam.

How to Reach:

This is the next big temple on the Kulithalai trichy road after Mutharasanallur.There is an arch announcing the way to the temple at about 3 kms from Mutharasanallur.

There is also a small village road from Mutharasanallur connecting Pazhur without crossing over the railway line.

You can see the main entrance leading to a small sanctum inside with the Shivalingam in a small sannidhi facing east  and the Small sanctum for the ambal facing South The hall to the right is the navagraha enclosure


Another view of the Navagraha enclosure

IMG_0009IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0008

The priest was busy doing some Homam  with a family and the temple was deserted . The Sivan and Ambal were so small and Doll like.The Setting was remarkably peaceful and serene

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