Friday, December 28, 2012

Shri Panchavarneshwarar temple Uraiyur (Woriyur) Trichy

Woriyur was the Capital Of the Cholas and this is the main Shiva temple here . I visited this place with lots of expectations . The place was called Thirumukkichuram in olden times.
How to reach:
It is easily reached via salai road. The temple street is called PVS  (Pancha varneshwara swamy) street. The present temple was supposedly built by the pallavas.
It was built in the 8th century by the  Pandiya King Varaguna Maharaja II. An inscription dated 885 AD has referred to the donation of gold coins to the village sabha for performing poojas to the temple. Inscriptions in the Rcokfort Thaymanavar temple at Tiruchirapalli also speak of the donations by the pandya king Varagunaa Maharaja II.The temple legend mentions Karikala chola as the chief builder.
The Chola king Veera vathithan was once travelling on an elephant and the elephant became  mad it was subdued by a Cockerel which saved the king hence he built the temple. Even today a Cockerel visits the temple daily evening during pooja.
Kochenka Cholan who built 78 temples was born in this place and was a great devotee of this lord.
Garuda, Brahma have worshipped here.
Uthanga munivar  received the darshan of Shiva in five hues at different times of the day in this place hence here Shiva is called Panchavarneshwarar. There is a separate shrine for this rishi in the inner praharam
View from the outer Gate
There is a huge courtyard with a pond and lots of cows There was a Shivan under the sthalavruksham Vilva tree which the people were doing poojas to.

The outer courtyard
The Doorway in front of the nandi leads us into the inner praharam
The inner praharam has a huge Sannidhi for Gomathi  ambal on the right facing South.
The main Sanctum has Shiva in the linga form facing east
There are 74 nayanmars statues on the side . The Gosta vigrahas around the main sanctum are Narthana Ganapathy, Dakshinamurthy , Ardhanari , Brahma, Durga and Chandikeshwarar.
There are separate sannidhis for Vinayaka, Murugan, Gajalakshmi.  The Chandikeshwara here is quite tall about 4 feet. The pillared hall has a number of exquisite carvings like the multi faced ganapathy, Thandava Shiva and Kali below.
 IMG_0144 IMG_0145 IMG_0146
The temple legend