Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shri Tharukavaneshwarar Temple at Thiruparithurai

This temple is one of the 275 Padalpetra sthalams in Trichy . Thiruparaithurai means area where paarai trees abound.The place is very famous for the residential school here and it is just  a walking distance from the Mukkombu the area where the Cauvery splits into Kollidam and Cauvery with dams on either side. It is a popular picnic spot.

How to reach:

About 14kms from trichy The road leads to the temple . The highway is being widened.The temple is on the left and easily approached.



The Saptharishis who were camped here and their wives had become conceited with the powers of their penance so the fruits of penance were not being beneficial to mankind. Shiva and Vishnu descended to teach these people a lesson.Shiva was the handsome nude nomadic beggar Bhikshandar and Vishnu was the Mohini. The Rishis started getting attracted to Mohini where as they became angry when the found their wives folowing the nude beggar. They started conjuring tigers to attack which shiva killed and wore the skin as a dress. He caught the poisonous snakes unleashed and wore them as ornaments and the Trishul which was thrown at him became his weapon for all times. When the Rishis realised that this was no ordinary couple and realised their mistake and lost their ego. Shiva directed them to Lalgudi where they did prayers to atone .

As you enter the main gopuram there is a long passage way and the Gopuram you see above Inside there is a mandapam for Nandi with life like statues for Appar Sundarar,Arunagirinathar and the king whobuilt the templeIMG_0014


Inside this gopuram is the Main entrance to the temple. The walls of the Doorstep have the history of the temple IMG_0015 IMG_0013

The main praharam has the ambal sannidhi on the right facing South with the main Sivalingam in its glorious grace facing east.

The praharam has an unusual Koshta vigraham of Ardhanari Shiva in the West side.IMG_0019

The usual statues of Vinayaka, murugan Durga, Chandikeshwarar,Natarajar and the Nayanmars are present



A visit to the temple can be ended with a beautiful picnic at the Mukkombu!!

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