Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami temple at Anthili near Arakandanallur and Tirukoilur

The area around Villupuram and Pondicherry has many Narasimha temples. The famous ones are Singaperuman koil(, Sholingur,Singrikudi,Saranarayana swamy temple Panrutti (,  Poovarasan kuppam, Parikkal and Anthili. I travelled to this temple after visiting the Arakandanallur Athulyanathar temple today 27/4//2013.(for details see my blog on the arakandanallur Siva temple here)
How to reach:
On the state highway from Villupuram to Tirukoilur you will reach the Tirukoilur railway station on the right in front of this is the small road leading to the Anthili temple in 5 kms. Keep taking the left turns on this road and you will see the temple entrance on the right. These are small temples of Narasimha and Anjeneya atop two rocks on the banks of the  Pennai river.
The road leading from the highway inside can easily be missed. Once you see the Tirukoilur railway station on the right ask for directions to the temple  in the local market you will be directed to the cement road take the left turn here to Anthili turning right will lead you to the Athulyanathar temple in Arakanda nallur
Legends :
Since lord Garuda was disappointed that he was not taken by Lord Narasimha when he went to slay Hiranyakashyappu he started pining away and reached this place and started penance, Lord Vishnu was pleased to bless him and give him darshan in the Narasimha form with Lakshmi devi seated on his left lap as a shanta swaroopi.
The great Madhwa saint Vyasaraja had darshan of the lord here and as per his wish he consecreted a Hanuman  here as one among the many he did during the vijayanagara rule. A similar Anjeneya is seen in the Trivikrama temple at Thirukoilur( For more info see my blog on Kakalur Anjeneya swamy temple)
Shri Krishnapremi  has taken great interest and helped rebuild these temples through Anthili bhaktajana sabha.which now takes care of the temples.
A short flight of steps takes us to the Lakshmi Narasimha sannidhi


I reached here by 11 am and the rock bed and the stone paved pathway were scalding hot so please visit early morning or by evening