Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sri Sivaloganathar temple Gramam a Padal petra sthalam

Today I visited Tirukoilur . I chose the Arasur road crossing from NH 45 from Villupuram so that I could visit this ancient Shiva temple

How to reach:

Take the right turn on NH 45 at arasur crossing on the Villupuram bypass while proceeding to Chennai. The road leads to Thiruvennainallur enroute to Tirukoilur, After about 10 kms on the left side in a village called Graman we can see this ancient templeDSC00513DSC00514 

Today when I went there there was nobody except two old ladies drying ela vadaams in the courtyard! at about 8:30 AM.

Legends and stories of the temple:

The dwarapalakas of Shiva Thindi and Mundi worshipped the lord here. Thindi worshipped the lord at Thindivanam and at this place Mundi worshiped the lord the original name of the place was mundishwaram..

The Lord offered a bag of Vibhuti (Pokkalam) to king Veerapandian, so he is known known as Pokkalam Kodutha Nayanar.

King Chokkalingam is supposed to have built this temple. Once he saw some strange variety of Lotus in a tank since he could not reach it, he let go an arrow and the entire pond was filled with blood as the arrow had wounded the Shivalingam here A startled king realised his folly and prayed to Shiva and built this temple on the bank of the pond. The Shivalingam of this temple carries a scar on the head till today. The place came to be called Thiru mouli gramam( Lord’s crowned Head village) and now only Gramam remains!!

The temple is built in the somaskanda pattern that is Lord Murugan sannidhi is between Lord Shiva and mother Parvathy sannidhi

As you enter you see the Nandi and the East facing Main Shivan sannidhiDSC00517 DSC00515

The small spaces you see on either side has Vinayaka on the left and Murugan on the right side OF Shivalingam which is the reverse of the usual arrangement in Shiva temples.DSC00543 DSC00542

The main entrance is from the south direction where the are statues for the Nayanmars and the small ante room where Thindi and Mundi are shown

DSC00519 DSC00518

This leads to the main sannidhi where the Shivalingam is resplendent

Behind is the sannidhi for Vinayaka  seen on the right below


The Koshta Vigrahas are Ganapathy and an unique Vrishaba Dakshinamurthy without the usual Tree  canopy DSC00523DSC00526  DSC00525

The Murugan Sannidhi is behind the main sannidhi and the Amman sannidhi is to the left of the main sannidhiDSC00528

The other koshta vigrahas are Lingothbhavar, Brahma and Durga. There is a Navagraha Sannidhi in front of the durgaiDSC00529DSC00533DSC00532 

Next you see the Amman sannidhi with a tall   standing idol  Soundaryanayaki, ambal also known as Kanarkuzhali, Selvambikai

DSC00538 DSC00535 

This is a paadal petra sthalam  in the Thevaram hymns of saint Tirunavukkarasar. This is the 19th Lord Shiva Temple in Nadunadu region praised in Thevaram hymns.DSC00520

The statues of the nayanmars can be seen in front of the dwarapalakas. The sthala vruksham is Vanni tree.

I could not find evidence of any pond nearby . In all it is a very ancient and peaceful temple.