Sunday, April 28, 2013

Veeretteshwarar Shiva Temple at Thirukoilur

There are 8 Veerattanams in Tamil Nadu. These are places where Shiva took the fiery role of a destroyer to annihilate evil and this is the second such this area with Thiruvadhigai in Panrutti being one more,(

Shiva got rid of the demon called Andhakasura (It also means Ignorance in darkness) where as in Thiruvadhigai it is ego, arrogance etc. It is a padal petra sthalam and birthplace of two nayanmars Meiporul Nayanar and Narasinga Munaiarayar

How to reach:

When you reach Tirukoilur from Villupuram ask for the low bridge across the Pennai river.The temple is abutting the bridge toward Tirukoilur side and can easily be seen. There is a huge parking area inside where you can see the twin sannidhis.DSC00556


Andhakasura was killed by Lord Shiva here. When Parvathy playfully closed Shiva's eyes the whole world became dark and darkness increased ignorance and andakasura was released.

This caused Shiva to assume the Bhairava avatara. SO this place is the avatara sthalam of Bhairava .

During the battle when the asura’s blood fell on the ground a new asura would spring forth. Hence kali caught the blood in a container and the spilt blood made a lattice pattern of 8 x 8 horizontally x vertical axis at each intersection Shiva produced a sivaganam 9TOTALLY 64)to vanquish the demon.This pattern was the birth of Vasthu shastra and the birth of Vaasthu purushan.DSC00560

This is the place where Venus (Sukran) was released from his curse hence problems related to Marriage and children will be easily solved here.

The Vishnu Durgai here is a rarity in a siva temple.

Poet saint avvaiyar composed the famous Vinayakar Agaval in this temple

The poet saint avvaiyar was taken to Kailas directly from here by the vinayaka hence he is called periya yanai vinayakar. It seems Sundarar was being taken to kailas spirituallly by a divine elephant, his close friend Cheramamunivar followed him on a horse and Avvaiyar started doing fast puja Ganesha was annoyed that avvaiyar was speeding things he promised her not to hurry him and in return he will take her to kailas. He assumed a huge vishwaroopam( Periya yanai), This is depicted in a fresco  and lifted avvaiyar to kailasam ahead of Sundarar and Cheran mamunivar  . This is depicted in a fine fresco at the temple


This is the temple where the princess Angavai and Sanghavai daughters of King Parivallal were married to King Deiveegan by their guardian Avvaiyar


Both the sannidhis are facing the west hence the koshta vigrahas are all reversed.

The Shivan sannidhi is farthest from the gateDSC00554

As you enter the outer praharam the sthala puranam is painted on the tower wallDSC00557 you see the Nandi facing the lord and the dwajasthambam. with a board showing the ashta veerattanams and details.DSC00559 

It leads to the inner praharam where you have a majestic Shivalingam known as Veeretteshwarar. During the renovation of the temple some Years ago they found that the base of the Lingam was going a few hundred feet hence they did not disturb it.

The Usual koshta vigrahas are Brahma,  Vishnudurgai,Lingodhbhavar,Dakshinamurthy and Vinayaka.

The Vishnu durgai has eight limbs and is serene. It is a black granite carving with a white inset in the eyes which makes it seem as though it is a living person looking at you. A classic sculpture masterpiece.

There are separate sannidhis for Murugan who has been sung about by Arunagirinathar

The  Periya yanai Ganapathy has a separate sannidhi with the vinayakar agaval carved in stone.and the fresco of avvaiyar reaching heaven in front.

The Amman sannidhi is towards the South.DSC00561


Amman is called Perianayaki, Shivanandavalli. She is in a separate sanctum with a serene face standing almost 5 feet tall.

The sthala vruksham is the Sara kondrai

A truly remarkable temple very rich in legends. Across the road is Shri Muthuswamy iyer’s house where the young Ramana pledged his emerald earrings for Rs. 20/- to buy tickets to tiruvannamalai after he had divine vision at the arakandanallur temple