Monday, May 27, 2013

Kadambar koil Kulithalai

This is a padal petra sthalam where in it is a part of three temples to be seen in a day all around Kulithalai. Kadambar in the morning, Eengoin malai in the afternoon and Iyer malai in the evening. I could see only the kadambar koil in the morning.
How to reach:
The temple is right in the middle of Kulithalai behind the bus stand and enroute to the Karur road
Legends of the temple:

Kadambavaneshwarar and Ambal Balakujalambal aka Mutrila Mulaiyambikai. are worshipped here for getting married to relieve obstacles to marriage. The saptha kannigais came here to get rid of a Brahma hatti dosham by praying to the north facing Shivalingam. The Sanctum has these ladies behind the Shivalingam.
The murugan here is prayed for destroying enemies.

From Dinamalar,org details of  the temple
The legend has been described in the Kanda Puranam
* Brahma got fatigue over his job of creating lives and prayed to Shiva for salvation. Per Shiva’s guidance, Brahma penanced here for 1000 Deva years and got finally the dharshan of Lord Shiva in his Rishaba vahana
* Once there was a fight between Goddess Durga and demon Dhoomralosan. When the demon got stronger in the fight, the Saptha Kannigas joined Durga devi and made the demon run away. The demon ran and hid at the place of Sage Kathyayanar. The Saptha Kannigas mistook that the demon was hiding in the form of Sage and so killed the sage cruelly. Due to this, they got the Brahma harthi dhosham and got it relieved off only after worshipping Shiva here. At the sanctum sanctorum, behind the moolavar, the Saptha Kannigas are present in a sculpture.
* Per the request of Devasarma, Shiva gave the dharshan of his wedding with Goddess Meenakshi and so this place is called Vada Madurai. So He is called Sundaresar.
* Demon Somugan once took away the four Vedas and hid it in the Bhadala logam. So Lord Vishnu worshipped Shiva here and with His blessings went under the ground in the Machavathar and brought back the Vedas. So this place is called Vedhapuri
* When Shiva was preaching Pranava mantra to Paravthi devi, Murugar, without any Guru, learnt it by overhearing. So he became a Moogar and to get rid of the curse, He worshipped Shiva in many places and finally came here and got the curse cleared. Uma devi kissed murugar on his forehead and made him sit by the side of Shiva. So this place is called Kandhapuram
The temple has 2 praharams and the amman shrine is facing east. There are shrines for Vinayagar, Subramanyar, Natarajar, Somaskandar, Navagrahas, Jeshtadevi, Nalvar, 63 nayanmars, Sekkizhar, Viswanathar and Gajalakshmi. Vishnu shrine is present in the Agni corner at the banks of the Brahma Theertham. Arunagirinadhar sang Thiruppugazh on this Shiva.
Theertham: Brahma Theertham

The main entrance leads to the inner praharam with main sannidhi housing the north facing shiva, There is a separate sannidhi for the ambal and behind the garbagruham are sannidhis for Ganesha and Murugan.
It is a small and peaceful temple. No photography was allowed inside