Monday, May 27, 2013

Pushpavana Nathar Temple, Tiruppoonturuthi

This is a padal petra sthalam Thirugnanasambandar and Thirunavvukkarasar have sung padigams  here. It is also a part of the Sapthastanams of Nandis wedding around Truvaiyaru. It is an ancient temple with 7 gopurams. THe peculiarity of this temple is that all the Nandi’s here are off set to the side to allow the lord to have a free look at thiru gnanasambandar .THerev are quite a few nandis I could count and all were off set .
All the seven Gopurams can be seen from a single spot in the temple . The day I visited there was a annadanam where in thousand had come walking here in the hot sun from far off places and were all resting.
Lord Shiva known as
Pushpavana Nathar
Female deity known as
Sauntharya Nayagi, Azhagaalamarndha Nayagi

How to reachTiruppoonturuthi is located 3 Kms to the west of Tirukkandiyur and at a distance of less than 2 Kms. from Tiruvaalampozhil. Nearest town is Tiruvaiyaru.
The temple is located on the Tirukattupalli Thirukandiyur road IMG_0132
The raja gopuram led to the next praharam with a kalyana mandapamIMG_0134
    The next gate leads to a even bigger enclosure with a small temple for vinayagar on the left. Note that the Nandi below is to the left IMG_0137

  IMG_0138 IMG_0133
The main sanctum is wide with a sivalingam and the outer praharam hass statues for  Appar as as seen below
and Gnanasambandar  seen below

The ambal sannidhi has a small ambal sitting and blessing us. The temple was scorching hot hence I could not make a full pradakshinam around.
This is the temple where Thirunavukkarasar was camping when Thirugnanasambandar came in a palanquin and when he loudly called out for appar was surprised to get a reply from appar who was carrying the palanquin in all humility. From here these two went visiting and  singing songs on Shiva temples