Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shri Nithyakalyana Perumal Thiruvidanthai A divya desam

This temple is closer to Chennai on the east coast road.It is very famous for marriage The lord here marries 360 daughters of a rishi so he is called nithyas kalyana perumal. Unwed men and women will have their weddings completed soon if they pray here.
How to reach
On the ECR from Chennai to Mahabalipuram after 40 kms from chennai and 1 km before the snake park you will see the temple arch the temple is just a furlong away
Kaalava rishi had 360 daughters who he wanted to marry off to the lord. He did so after penance and the lord gracefully accepted the brides one on each day! so he is called Nithya kalyana perumal.
Bali chakravarthy was asked by the asuras to wage a war without reason he refused. He was pressurised to lead the asura army which won over the devas. To repent for waging an unwanted war he did penance here.
As you enter the main gate you see a long praharam with a  mantapam on the rightIMG_0135
as you enter the second courtyard you se the moolavar in his sannidhiIMG_0136
The lord here is about 7 feet tall and is in the varaha avatara with the consort on his left thigh. He is standing with the right leg balanced on Adisesha and the left leg lifted and supporting mahalakshmi ( Pic from Wikipedia)

There is a seperate Mahalakshmi sannidhi and Andal sannidhi. The hall on the right also has a seperate Ranganathar sannidhi IMG_0137
(Pallikonda Ranganathar Sannidhi above) There will be copious puliyodharai here as prasadam of Kalyana utsavam
Mangalashasanam (from Wikipedia)
Thirumangai Alvar has sung is praise of Lord Nithyakalyana Perumal.


Thulambadu Muruval Thozhi Yarkku Arulaal
Thunai Mulai Saanndhu Kondaniyaal
Kulambadu Kuvalaik Kanninai Yezhudhaal
Kolan Naan Malar Kuzhar Kaniyaal
Maal Ennum Maal Ina Mozhiyaal
Ilam Badiyi Vulak Kenni Naindhirunndhaay
Idavenndhai Yenndhai Piraane!