Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shri Rudrakoteeshwarar temple Thirukazhukundram

This is an ancient Shiva temple at the foot of the hill near the sangu theertham.

This temple is the oldest of the three temples in thirukazhukundram

How to reach:

In front of the Thazha kovil is the road that ends in the Sangu theetham seen below with the theerthapaleshwarar temple on the left and the Vedagirishwarar temple on top of the hill IMG_0059

This temple is to the south west of the pond a couple of roads away. The locals know it ads easwaran koil or rudran koil.



To quell the koti asuras who emanated from Kashyapa rishi Shiva let loose a koti rudrakshas from his chest who killed the asuras. To atone for the sin of killing them the rudras prayed here and were pardoned.

The temple entrance has Nandi with his consort on the wallIMG_0062

The temple has a east facing entrance with a balipeetam vinayaka and murugan sannidhis in frontIMG_0063

THe sthalavruksham is the sara kondrai




The inner praharam has a East facing shiva and south facing Ambal Rudrakoteeswari ambal .

   . The Koshta vigrahas and four savants are represented in statue form  IMG_0066IMG_0067 IMG_0068 IMG_0069 IMG_0070 IMG_0071 IMG_0072     IMG_0077  IMG_0079 It is believed that each prayer is multipled one crore times here hence it is a very sacred place  for lazy people like me to pray!!