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The Sapthastanam Siva temples around Tiruvaiyaru

There are a group of Seven Shiva temples around Thiruvaiyaru where  Nandi after getting married in Thirumazhapadi  visited these temples with Lord Shiva escorting him, Nandi was the son of siladitha maharishi. Lord shiva was very pleased with Nandi’s prayers and took him as his chief attendant, got him married. This occation is celebrated in this area with a glass bedecked palanquin festival which will congregate in the Cauvery during the Tamil month of Chittirai.Each of this temples provided a special gift for nandis wedding
Map of all the templesof sapthastanams

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Saptha Stanam

The sapthasthanam festival is conducted at Tiruvaiyaru during April[3] every year. Hundreds of people witness the convergence of seven glass palanquins carrying principal deities of respective temples from seven places at Tiruvaiyaru. The palanquins are paraded near the car stand, the crowd witnessed the Poochorithal(flower festival) in which a doll offers flowers to the principal deities in the palanquins. After thePoochorithal, the palanquins left for their respective places.[4] The seven temples are
Aiyarappar temple                 Thiruvaiyaru 
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Apathsahayar Temple            Tirupazhanam          Fruits for the wedding
Odhanavaneswarar Temple    Tiruchotruthurai       Rice for the weding
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Vedapuriswarar Temple          Thiruvedhikudi         Vedic Brahmins from here conducted the weding
Kandeeswarar Temple           Thirukkandiyur         Post wedding Foodwas arranged from here
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Puvananathar Temple            Thirupanturuthi Flowers were aranged from this temple
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Neyyadiappar Temple             Tiruneithaanam