Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ennaiyiram Shri.Narasimhaswamy temple

This temple was built by Rajaraja Chola and while excavating a huge inscription of 80+ lines describing the king as his “Meikeerthi” (various titles and exploits) of a Chola king. The inscription actually runs to 80 lines, but only lines from 54 to 80 are unearthed and lines 1 to 53 are yet to be located.

There are records of a vedapatashala being run here with 270 students, hostel, hospital and doctors with their wage details have been found. The Tamil poet, Kalamegam, famous for his puns, belonged to Ennayiram.

Ennayiram means 8000.Various explanations are available for this

It was the place where 8000 jains were put to death for not denouncing Jainism or where 8000 jains embraced Hinduism ?

8000 North Indians were settled here by Rajendra Chola  in this area

The Tamil Iyers have a sub sect ashta sahasram (8000) who are believed to be from this stock

Saint Ramanuja and  Koorathazhwar also visited this temple

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