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Kooram Adi Kesava perumal and Kooratalwar temple near Kanchipuram

Kooram is a small hamlet near Kanchi which is famous as the birth place of one of the most famous alwars Koorettalwar for an extensive description please click below Extensive history of Kooratalwar

Kooram has two temples in the complex one for Adi Kesava perumal and the other for th alwar

How  Reach:

The NH4 after Kanchi has a turn to the right below the railway gate called arakonam road. Turn right here and proceed for about 7 kms you will come to a place called Vishakandi kuppam take a left then across the railway track her and proceed for 3 kms you will come across boards announcing the temple.

Alternative you can cross the over bridge and take the first right after the over bridge via a samathuvapuram arch   in 10 kms you will reach the board to turn left for the templeDSC04550The Adi kesava perumal temple is right in front with the alwar temple on the right. There is a standing perumal with both thayars in th Nindra kolam.

By the side is an Anjaneyar and Vishwaksenar sannidhi.DSC04563 Behind is the thayar sannidhiDSC04559

There is also an Andal sannidhi

To the left of this temple is the Kooratalwar temple. The main sannidhi has a tall figure of the alwar .The outer praharam has the life of the alwar in pictures







On the approach road I found a small Lakshmi Hyagrivar temple belonging to to Srimad Andavan ashramam of Srirangam which also had a Hanuman sannidhi

DSC04562 DSC04566 DSC04567

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