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Thirumalpur Shri Manikanteshwara swamy temple near Kanchipuram

This is an ancient padal petra sthalam by Thirunavukkarasar as well as Gnanasambandar. It is a place where Lord Vishnu prayed to Lord shiva to obtain his Chakra. Since perumal also prayed to Shiva here Garudaseva is also a famous festival here. Both Perumal and Shiva are found facing each other here.

How to reach:

From Chennai to Bangalore  On NH 4 Cross Kanchipuram and you will reach the “Vellai gate” an old name for the new  railway over bridge do not climb but take the road under the bridge and turn right this is the road to arakonam and crosses govindawadi on the way(refer my blog on the temple

( Govindawadi guru temple)

You will reach tirumalpur railway station in 13 kms . Take a left turn under the railway line and proceed for another 3 kms till you can see the temple on the left hand side of a bifurcation. DSC04509


Legends of the temple:

The Sivalingam is a sand lingam created by Parvathy who did penance for  Lord shiva here. The moolavar has a Silver Kavacham for which abhishekam is done. Vridha seera river which flows nearby was in floods hence parvathy embraced the Lingam and prayed to her brother who diverted the river towards Kanchipuram to save his sisterDSC04531

Once Lord Vishnu who was Assisting a king called Kugan who did not like sage dadeechi  he employed the chakra which got damaged after touching the rishi. In repentance of this action Vishnu prayed to Lord Shiva here with 1000 lotuses daily. One day he found he was one lotus short and plucked out his right eye to offer shiva DSC04514 Siva was pleased and gave a boon to Vishnu here that he will be known as Kamalanayanan, He also gave Vishnu his chakra which he had used to kill Jalantharan . So this place is also known as Harichakra  where hari got his chakra.

In the main sanctum we can see Vishnu with his hands folded inn prayer in front of Shiva behind the Nandi

Once Ravana came here to meet Shiva and was prevented from seeing Shiva by Nandi so he cursed Nandi to have a monkey face: Adhikara Nandi  who is found here in the wall. Nandi in turn curses Ravana that he will be defeated in warDSC04524

There are a few special vigrahas here like

Dasha bhuja Vallabha vinayakar a 10 handed VinayakaDSC04525

Kulathunga Chola installed a Choleshwara linga here facing west  which is a rarity

Ashta bhuja Durgai is also very famous and rare sculpture

As you enter we see the raised platform with Nandi and th kodimaramDSC04512

the anajanakshi ambal sannidhi is seen on the right


AS you enter the main praharam you can see the Nandi with mahavishnu standing behind in a prayer postureDSC04526

The Lord in the sanctum is a very tiny Lingam swayambhu  with a Silver kavacham

The outer praharam has the choleshwara and the Koshta Vigrahas already alluded to. Ganapathy Dakshinamurthy , Perumal, Brahma and  Durga complete the picture. There is also a large Natarajar in Bronze.

The outer praharam  DSC04532



There is a statue of Appar




Ambal sannidhi has a smiling standing anjanakshi amman with a navagraha sannidhi in the fore court.There is a simha vahanam for the ambal seen below



Sthala Vruksham is the Vilva tree


As I was leaving the temple I saw this huge Anjaneya outside


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