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Oondrateeshwarar Koil at Poondi- a padal petra sthalam

The original temple was in Thiruvalampudhur . In about 1943 when the poondi reservoir was built it was to be submerged hence the temple was relocated to poondi town. It is a padal petra sthalam sung by Sri. Sundarar.

How to reach:

Poondi town can be reached either by Tiruvallur or from uthukottai periapalayam. It is about 8-10 kms from Tiruvallur. The road to uthukottai  from Tiruvallur is in front of the Collectorate and this road reaches Poondi after skirting the reservoir. The temple is right on the main road of Poondi IMG_0002 IMG_0003

Legend of the temple:

The legend of Sri Sundarar the nayanmar who was also known as Van thondar is very captivating. After breaking his promise to his wife he is rendered blind as he married again. In his wanderings he comes here depressed and Shiva taunts him with a boon of a walking stick when he asks for restoration of eyesight. As he is very depressed the ambal here steps out and gives him light and confidence by telling him not to lose faith in Shiva . The lord hence is known as Onndrateeshwarar one who gave the walking stick and the ambal as Minnal oli ambal one who gave light/ sight. It is a temple meant to increase self confidence of the depressed devotee.

The Devotee Sundarar is so mad that he throws the staff offered by shiva which breaks the horn of Nandi.There is a Statue of Sundarar next to the Nandi with the missing horn  in front of the Main sannidhiIMG_0005

The temple is a very small one with tremendous peace as you enter. The main praharam has two sannidhis with Shiva facing east and the ambal facing south.

The Kosta vigrahas are unique. The Dakshina murthy is shown as having the Chin mudra that is right hand showing the pinching action,The Lingodhbavar and Kala Bhairavar are also powerful.

View of the inside of the temple

IMG_0019 IMG_0006 IMG_0010 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0018

The outer praharam has sannidhis for Ganapathy, Murugan and

Mahalakshmi (seen below)IMG_0013 IMG_0007  IMG_0011

The priest Sri.Subramaniam was helpful

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