Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gnayiru Sri Pushparatheshwarar-Swarnambikai temple – A suryan navagraha sthalam near Chennai

Finding a few hours of free time today morning  I went for a quick temple visit to this ancient temple which is famous for

Lord Suryan being blessed here – good for eye related problems

The place of Final resting of Shri Kanva maharishi ( foster Father of Shakunthala)

The Birth place of Sangili Nachiar the wife of the Nayanmar Sundarar

How to Reach:

The temple is  about 35 kms away from Chennai Gnayiru gramam a village close to Karanodai and Red hills. On the Kolkata highway from Chennai take a left toward puzhal At red hills take the right turn after Sivanthi adithyan mat school at the signal at vadakkarai it is called the andarkuppam redhills road about 10 kms down the road you will reach the temple. Please ask for Gnayiru gramam as the area is full of small village roads and you can get lost.

Alternatively you can come from Karanodai also from further down the GNT highway take a right at Karanodai and ask for directions locally.

IMG_0003 IMG_0002

In this remote area the well maintained temple and its pond Surya thirtham is a real stress buster.

As you enter you see the amman sanidhi facing  east with the Sivan sannidhi also facing east the entrance to both is via a pillared  hall IMG_0004 IMG_0007

Legends of the temple:

Surya was cursed by Brahma once and he prayed to lord shiva here to be cured of his curse. The lord gave darshan to Surya on a 1000 petalled  lotus hence he is called Pushparatheshwarar. In the month of Chithirai the sun rays fall directly on Shiva and swarnambikai.

A chola king enroute to Kashi was attracted to the lotus in the pond while cutting it he lost eyesight and  prayed to shiva . He was directed to visit kashi and come back to build a temple here when he did this he got back his vision. There is a Kasi vishwanatha sannidhi also here.

Sangili nachiar the wife of Sundarar was born in this village

A view from the eastern side  with dwaja sthambam and pond


The Main shrine has a small Sivalingam apparently worshipped by Kanva maharishi and Agasthiyar. There is a small statue for Kanva also hereIMG_0029

The main sivan sannidhi also has a separate enclosure for Suryan with a an impressive brass background IMG_0032

The ambal sannidhi has a 5 foot tall Swarnambikai blessing the devotees.

The ususal Kosta vigrahas of Ganapathy, Dakshinamurthy lingodhbhavar , Brahma and Durgai are enshrined in their niches around the Sivan sannidhi.

Around the main shrine are sub shrines for Vinayaka , Murugan with Valli and Devasena, a separate kashi vishwanathar the ambience in the midst of the lovely flower garden is very enchanting

 IMG_0010  IMG_0013 IMG_0015 IMG_0017

IMG_0025 IMG_0020 IMG_0022 IMG_0023

The shrine for Sangili nachiar



Just outside the temple is a thatched shed where new shrines are being built for Chakrathalwar (Sudarshanam the discus = related to eye),Lakshminarasimhar, and Anjeneyar   IMG_0040


The priest sri.Krishnaswamy Kurukkal can be contacted on tel:+919952224822