Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shri Tirusoolanathar Tripurasundari temple at Trisoolam near Chennai Airport

I had an opportunity to visit this temple today morning. It is an ancient temple built by Kulathunga Chola. It is very surprising that such pristine surroundings are found so close to the City.

How to Reach:

On the GST road after you cross the airport there is the Trisoolam railway station on the left. Take the first left after this you will come on to the Railway  level crossing which is the gateway to the hilly road . Follow the winding road or 3 kms and you can see the temple arch on the right side turn right to reach the temple

Though the temple is ancient it is very well maintained and has been visited by Adisankara and Shri Chandrashekara saraswathy swami of Kanchi. The priest was telling me he is the third generation of kurukkal here and his family has conducted daily rituals for more than 150 years and seen three kumbabishekams.

Legends about the temple:


Brahma did pooja to Shiva here . The four hills around the temple are considered four Vedas.

(All the pictures here were taken by the permission)


There is a goddess in the main sanctum itself Sri. Sundarambikai but the presiding goddess is Tripurasundari in a south facing sanctum.

The main sanctum has a huge Shivalingam royally bedecked .The Vimanam has the Gajaprushti type of ArchitectureIMG_0047

The Koshta vigraham has few unique deities.

The Ganapathy is having a Naga Yagnopavetham (Poonal) and is considered very auspicious. to remove obstacles  especially for marriage and marital harmonyIMG_0059

The panel above this shows Brahma worshipping ShivaIMG_0057

There is the Dakshinamurthy in the Veerasanam posture( left leg bent at the hip and knee)IMG_0060

There are separate Sannidhis for Vinayaka Murugan and Kasi Vishwanata

The Lingodhbhavar has a panel showing Vishnu worshipping ShivaIMG_0062

The Brahma and Durga are also very intricate.  IMG_0064 IMG_0066

The panel above the Durga shows Anjeneya worshipping ShivaIMG_0068

The ambal sannidhi has a 5 foot tall Tripurasundari blessing the devotees.

The bhairavar is also famous and poojas are done for him during Rahukalam .

The outer praharam has various trees and a garden The sthala vruksham is the vilvam treeIMG_0051


There is a Banyan tree and naga devathas  in the north west corner. The south west corner has a navagraha enclosure. IMG_0070

The main Complex has separate sannidhi for ayyappan and AdisankaraIMG_0053 IMG_0072

There is a rare sarabeshwara with two faces carved on the pillar in frontIMG_0054

The Kurukkal was very courteous  Sri Raja: Cell :+919444764162

The washroom facilities were clean and excellent here.