Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sri Pralayakaleshwarar koil at Pennadam- a padal Petra sthalam

This is a very ancient temple going back to the Chola king Kochengan who was in the Sangam era. The temple has been quite well maintained. The unique design of this temple is that the Garbha gruha has lattice windows on three sides and the lord is seen easily from the outside. Pennadam is the birth place of many nayanmars and it is the second padal petra sthalam in the Nadu naadu.
How to reach:
Pennadam is situated between Vriddhachalam and Thittakudi to the east of NH 45. You can come from either side . I travelled from Vriddhachalam to srimushnam and pennadam and returned by the pennadam to thittakudi road which joined NH 45 at Thozhudur  before perambalur.. The temple is in the middle of the village with the bus stand in front almost closing the entrance road
Legends and stories:
Penn= Girl, AAM= Cow , holy cow Kamadhenu. Gajam= Elephant Airavatham. These three things were sent by Indra to get flowers for worship  but seeing the lord here they were mesmerised to offer puja here hence the place is called  pennaagajam= Pennadam.
Thirunavukkarasar in his aged life prayed to Shiva to be branded with Shiva's symbols if the lord deemed it fit and was marked lovingly by shiva
The place is the birthplace of shri Meikanda deva nayanar20130831_123803

Sri kalikamba nayanar who cut off his wife’s hands for refusing to wash the feet of Shiva’s devotees and who had the limbs reattached was also living here
When there was a deluge in this place at the time of pralayam Shiva blessed and saved  this place by asking nandi to drink the floods on the prayers of devotees hence he is called Pralaya  kaleshwarar,
When you enter the main gate you can see the Shivan sannidhi and the Ambal sannidhi on the right. Both the sannidhis have the Nandi and kodimaram and in the sivan sannidhi the Nandi is facing away from the lord
(Sivan sannidhi )
When you enter the shivan sannidhi you see the temples for the nayanmars and a huge temple with Gajaprushti vimanam for Shiva. The nandi is facing away from the lord20130831_123841 
   20130831_12412720130831_124203  20130831_124237
Vinay theertha vinayakar above and Murugan sannidhi below
Next to the temple there is an elevated structure which also houses a Shiva this was to facilitate devotees from the other side of the river to view the lord.
Navagraha sannidhi
Ambal Azhagia Kadhali, Amodnambal Kadanthai Nayaki sannidhi

11/06/16 I had occation to revisit  today and had blissful darshan of Uccha kala pooja at 12 noon
View from the main gate
Anjaneys Swami at the entrance on the right