Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kampahareshwara temple Thribuvanam- a padal petra sthalam

This is one of the mammoth contributions of the Cholas in this region like Darasuram, Gangaikonda cholapuram and Tribhuvanam . After this temple cholas started reducing the  garbhagruha and increasing the vimana size.. The temple is built like a chariot on wheels
How to reach:
The temple is 8 kms away from kumbakonam towards mayavaram and is just off the main road
History and legends
The temple was built by Tribhuvana chola to commemorate his victories and is dedicated to shiva as Kampahareshwarar destroyer of all fears. Kampa means cold shivers etc
The temple houses the rare image of Shiva as sarabheshwaraa half bird , animal, man an avatar of fearsomeness. When Narasimha swallowed the blood of hiranyakashyappu so that it would not spill and sprout asuras he devoloped problems hence shiva took this avatar with the face of a yali eight limbs, body of a lion,Prathyankara and Kali manifested as his wings and helped him relieve narasimha by divesting the asura blood from his bodyIMG_0099
The temple is a huge complex with three praharams
there is a huge painted corridor seen above housing the Dwajasthambam. The walls all have wonderful carvings IMG_0075 IMG_0077
The next praharam houses the Nandi and had exquisite door posts

IMG_0081 IMG_0080IMG_0079IMG_0078 
The main Shivan sanidhi has a huge 15 foot hall beyond which is the Shivan a majestic Lingam
The Outer walls of this praharam has the usual kosta vigrahasIMG_0092 IMG_0082 IMG_0083 IMG_0084 IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0087
the second praharam has the sannidhi for Sarabeshwara and ambal
It has been sung about by the saints Appar, Sundarar, Gnanasambhandar and  in their compositions