Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kanchi Mutt Veda patashla at Tiruvidaimarudhur-Advaitham sathyam

Adi Sankara visited the Tiruvidaimarudur temple and is supposed to have established the supremacy of Advaitha where in the Lord of the temple sprouted a right arm and forcefully uttered Advaitham sathyam. This bit of history has been enshrined in this kanchi mutt branch where a vedapatashala now functions. The idol was consecrated by his holiness Shri Chandrashekarendra saraswathy swamigal of the Kamakoti peetam.
Tiruvidaimarudhur is associated with the Kanchi mutt where the previous periyavas of the mutt from shri Mahadevendra Saraswathy to Maha periyava.
How to reach
The Kanchi mutt is situated right on the road leading to the main Mahalingeshwara temple in Tiruvidaimarudhur.
As you enter you are greeted by a hall which has the images of Anjeneya, Adi Shankara and the Advaitham sathyam Lingam IMG_0176 DSC04779 DSC04780
Inside is the Paduka mandapam constructed as per Maha periyava wishes  by Dentist Dr.V.Subramanian of trichy (Father of Dr.S.Kalyanaraman Neuosurgeon)
On the first floor there is a Gopuram which houses the Shivalingam sprouting a right arm and confirming Advaitham sathyam as well as an image of Adi Shankara