Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kasi Vishwanatha Temple near Mahamaham tank- A padal petra sthalam

This ancient temple on the banks of the mahamaham tank is very ancient as described by Thirunavukkarasar and Gnanasambandar.
It is right on the banks of the mahamaham kulam IMG_0187 IMG_0107
The legends of the temple;
The nine rivers of India prayed to Shiva that since they were washing the sins of people they were getting dirty so to be cleansed Shiva directed them to come here once in 12 years to be purified
Rama was directed here by Agasthiya rishi before his journey to Lanka. Since Rama was a maryada purusha he lacked the Roudram or anger to fight a battle, he learnt it from the Sthala lingam  called Mahalingam in the temple which is nestled under the neem tree
The main sannidhi has sivan as a small lingam with Visalakshi in the south facing sannidhi. both found in the main complex seen aboveIMG_0109
Ambal sannidhi seen above
The Maha lingam under the neem tree where Rama learnt Roudram.
The saptha kannika mandabam with the idols for each river IMG_0118 IMG_0115IMG_0114

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