Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shri Ramaswamy temple Kumbakonam

The temple is a marvel in sculpture with the entire Ramayana in stone.
How to Reach:
The temple is right in the centre of Kumbakonam next to the Chakrapani temple
The temple was built by the Nayak minister Sri Govinda dikshita who built it and connected it to the Chakrapani temple by a commercial corridor.
The outer Prahara has multiple pillars which are all carved from a single stone and depicts the various incidents in Ramayana. The inner prahara has the paintings of the story of Ramayana in three panels. If you follow the panels in sequence you would have made 3 pradakshinams!!
The inner Sanctum has Rama and Seetha seated on the pedestal, with Lakshmana, Bharatha standing on the right and Shatrugna waving the chamara with Vibheeshanan standing with folded arms.Hanuman is found kneeling in from with folded hands and a book in his hand. This is the only temple where the four brothers are togetherIMG_0022   IMG_0020 IMG_0023