Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shri Saraswathy temple Koothanur

It is very rare to find a separate temple for Saraswathy the goddess of learning and Brahma’s consort. Koothanur is one such place where a temple is found
How to reach:
The temple is situated between Mayavaram and Tiruvarur at about 25 kms before Tiruvarur . It is also close to the Thirumeeyichur temple of lalitha sahasranamam fame
Saraswathy was cursed to be born on earth for ego clashes with Brahma she came here and prayed for atonement of her sins and rejoined Brahma as a river arasalar here.
This village was gifted to the poet Otta Koothan ( hence koothanur) by the king Raja raja Chola in the beginning of the second century and he built the temple here.
The temple has many shops selling stationery and white sarees  as you can see from the snap above, which can be placed for success before the goddess as offering and be blessed for use. It is hence very popular among students. I saw a white board inside where people write their register number for success in exams.
The goddess is found sitting with a benign smile blessing the devotees.
Vijayadasami is celebrated with great fervour here.
Contact no:
91-04366-239909. or  4366 - 2239909

Some new snaps during Jan 2016 visitIMG_20160102_112418_HDRIMG_20160102_112427_HDR

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