Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sikkal Singaravelan temple-Navaneetheswarar temple and Kolavamana perumal temple complex

Although it is a Shiva temple it is more famous for the murugan here and is known as singaravelan temple..There is a perumal temple next door which is also a unique feature
How to reach:
The temple is 5 kms before Nagapattinam on the Tiruvaroor nagapattinam route on the main road.
Legends of the temple:
The Shiva here is vennaiappan who was formed by the sage Vashistar from the butter obtained from the milk of Kamadhenu. The sage could not move the lingam as it got stuck here hence sikkal.IMG_0029

Kamadhenu once was forced to eat meat during drought  and was cursed to be born as a tiger here. She was relieved after praying to the lord here and bathing in the tank hereIMG_0027 
The three murugan idols of sikkil,,Engan and Ettukudi are exquisite and carved by the same shilpi. When he carved the idol with every detail of the 6 faces of the lord with separate ear ring holes, hands separate weapons and  balanced on the single leg of the peacock with space below the claw  the king wanted to prevent any other replica so he obtained the thumbs of the shilpi as a guarantee. Even with this lack of thumbs the shilpi sculpted a replica at Ettukudi for this the king removed the eyes of the sculptor. The Sculptor was directed by a divine voice to sculpt a more detailed singaravelan at Engan when he received both his thumbs and vision.
The ambal Satyaayadaakshi (Velnetunkanni) is one of the 54 sakthi peetams The Soorasamharam is very famous here as murugan obtained the Vel from this shakti before proceeding to Tiruchendur. There is an anjeneyar here who is very famous in granting our wishes in the outer praharam.
The perumal Kolavaamana Perumal here is resting before he takes up the vamana avataram after praying to Lord Shiva. This is the adjoining complex.
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