Saturday, December 28, 2013

The kanchi mutt Kumbakonam
(Though I had blogged about this institution where Mahaperiyava lived for many years, I had an opportunity to visit the place on 27/12/13 and obtain photos which I have inserted now)
How to reach: The mutt is situated on the Matam street near the old bridge on the Cauvery and is very well known in KumbakonamIMG_0179
The Kanchi mutt is also referred to as Kumbakonam madam by old timers as it had shifted here from Kanchi during the Karnatic wars
Due to the repeated invasions of Kanchi , at the time when war was raging, it was feared that this Swarna Kamakshi of Kanchipuram would be taken or destroyed. An ancestor of the Musical Trinity, Syama Sastri took the idol to Tanjore through Chenji, Udayarpalayam and Tiruvarur for safe custody. The then Nayak King of Tanjore sheltered it in a special temple and Swarna Kamakshi became Bangaru Kamakshi and now remains in that shrine. The kanchi mutt also subsequently shifted first to Tanjore and later to Kumbakonam. This was where the 68 th acharya spent a considerable amount of time learning the Vedas and was from here that he started his first digvijayam.
The Kumbakonam mutt now houses a Veda patashalai and also the adhishtanams of three acharyas of the kanchi mutt namely the 62,63 and 64 th acharyas
Sri ChandrasekharendraSaraswati V: Kanchi was involved in the Karnatic wars and peaceful existence there had become impossible. Hence the Acharya of Kamakoti peeta decided on migrating south..Though Kanchi still figured as the nominal headquarters. The golden image of Kamakshi (Bangaru Kamakshi) had already been carried away by the sthanikas of the temple first to Udayarpalayam, and later to Tanjore where it has been permanently installed. The Acharya Chandrasekhara himself acceded to the request of Pratapa Simha, Rajah of Tanjore (1740-63) and took up his permanent headquarters at Tanjore. But Kumbakonam, on the banks of the sacred river Cauvery, was found more suitable and shortly thereafter the Acharya shifted to Kumbakonam. Chandrasekhara attained mukti at Kumbakonam on shukla Prathama in the month of Pushya of the cyclic year Subhakrt (1783 AD)IMG_0182
Sri Mahadevendra Saraswati V: He was a great yogi. His former name was Anna Srauti. He was a native of Kumbakonam. He attained mukti at Kumbakoriam on Sukla Dwadasi in the month of Ashada of the cyclic year Srimukha {1813 AD).
Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati VI: He was known as Venkatasubramanya Dikshita prior to his sanyasa and belonged to the talented family of the great Govinda Dikshita, the Brahmana minister of Tanjore, who is still lovingly remembered as "Ayyan". He was a great adept in Mantra Sastra. The Acharya caused repairs to the temple of Sri Kamakshi at Kanchi and performed kumbhabhishekham on 22nd January 1840 AD. He got the tatankas (ear-oranaments) of Devi Akilandesvari in the Tiruvanaikoil and re-consecrated them on the ear of the goddess in 1848 AD. He attained mukti at Kumbakonam on Sukla Prathama in the month of Karthika of the cyclic year Sadarana (1851 AD).
from the Kanchi mutt calender 2018