Sunday, March 16, 2014

Aadhanur Near Ulundurpet enroute to Neivnai two dilapidated temples of the Cholas and Hoysalas

During a recent visit to see the Neivanai Shiva temple I happened to see these two majestic temples all but crumbling now. It is a sad sight to see. the hereditary trustee Sri.Veda Soundara rajulu and village folk have recently got a 55 lakh grant from HR and CE dept.To fulfill all their dreams  They require all the help that they need.
How to reach:
The temple can be reached from Tiruvennainellur on the road to Ulundurpet about 21 kms from Tiruvennainallur, take a right turn towards Neivanai and at about 5 kms you will see the ruins
You can also reach the place from Ulundurpet. Enter Ulundurpet and at the main bus stand take a turn north west wards towards Thirukoilur on SH 69 It is called the  Tiruvennainellur  road.About 12kms from the bus stand turn left into the Nemili Rishivandiyam road At about 7 kms you will see the ruins
Here are a few snaps from the perumal temple

There are exquisite carvings of the main deities Azhagiya Venkatesa perumal and Soundaravalli thayar. There is also a rare sculpture of Vishnu with thayar up to the bust level recently uncovered here.
The  temple was opened and a tour given by the village youth. The place where this temple stands is called patchapalayam .
Just across the road the place is aadhanur and the dilapidated Shiva temple was  seen in a bad shape. The presiding deities are Arunachaleshwara as a majestic lingam and the ambal in the inner praharam Abithakuchalambal

If you are wiling to help the reconstruction, please contact 
Sri.Veda Soundara rajulu Hereditary trustee  :8940562796
Kathavarayan: 7639423386( helpful village youth)