Sunday, March 16, 2014

Thiru Idayatranadhar temple at T.Edayur- A padal petra sthalam

One of the many padal petra sthalam of sri Sundarar the temple is situated close to Tiruvennainallur and Thirukoilur on the Thiruvennainallur Thirukoilur road at about 5 kms from Thiruvennainallur and 10 kms before Thirukoilur.
The Gramam temple is also close by so also Naavalur the birth place of Sundarar and Thiruthuraiyur his place of enlightenment. Sri Sundarar was also known as Van thondar the poet who was a comrade  in arms with lord Shiva.The entire belt from Thiruvadhigai in the east to Thirukoilur in the west  around Vizhupuram has all these temples with in 20 kms of each other.There area lot of Narasimha temples also in between.
The temple is very easy to reach either from NH 45from Vizhupuram side or from Thirukoilur side. At arasur crossing on NH 45 after vizhupuram take a turn towards thiruvennainallur. you will cross gramam temple (Mundiswram) and reach Thiruvennainallur, Here take a right to reach Thirukoilur and about 5 kms you will reach the temple on the left.
Legends and Stories:
Sukha Brahman was born here as the son of  Sage Vyasa. He accidently overheard the divine gospel being taught to Parvaty who cursed him to be born with a parrot face.there is a small enclosure for him hereIMG_0060
As you enter the main temple gopuram there is no kodimaramIMG_0056
The temple has Shiva Marundeshwarar @ Idai atru eashwarar in the east facing west hence the koshta vigrahas are all reversed . The main praharam has a 3 feet Shiva lingam with statues of the 5 savants
The praharam has a door leading to ambal sannidhi. The ambal Sri.Gnanambikai is facing east
The outer praharam has  sannidhis for the usual koshta vigrahas but in reverse order as Shiva is facing westIMG_0057IMG_0058
The statue of Suka brahma rishi is seen under the treeIMG_0061
there are sannidhis for Ganapathy, ,Navagraha and Sapthamathas.IMG_0062IMG_0067
The ambal Gnanambikai sannidhi also has an outside entrance IMG_0071
There is an additional ganesha sannidhi in front of the Ambal sannidhiIMG_0070
Murugan has a seperate sannidhi inside the mandapam seen as you enter the temple on the leftIMG_0072