Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sri Sundareshananda Sabhai- Tiruvannamalai

This temple is connected with the adhishtanams of two saints Sri Sandrananda Bodhendra saraswathi of the Kanchi peetam 46 th guru (Click here to see the blog on this swamiji) and Sri Hari ji
How to Reach:
The temple is situated in the North Iyyankulam street in the Iyyankulam agraharam in front of the Annamalaiyar temple adjacent to the Housing of the chariots of the Annamalaiyar temple. The temple is known as Sunderesananda sabhai Shivan koil locally . it is in a narrow lane to the right.
The Iyyankulam is seen at the end of the lane
Story and Legends:
Sri Hariji who has his jeeva samadhi here is credited with many miracles here.He was instrumental in curing the Arcot Nawab of illness and was granted many perquisites by the grateful nawab including land etc which are sadly now lost for the temple.
As you enter you see the Brindavanam of Sri Sandrananda Bodhendra Saraswathi-the 46 th Peetadhipathi  of the Kanchi mutt and next to this is the jeeva samadhi of Sri Hariji IMG_0052
IMG_0055The main temple behind is a small structure a room with three sannidhis Meenakshi amman on the left, The Sundareshwarar in the middle, and murugan on the left. There  is a Vinayagar in front of the ambal sannidhi and there is a Dakshinamurthy inside on the right wall.
The temple is very small and well maintained by Sri Raju the priest
  IMG_0057 IMG_0058IMG_0061  IMG_0060 IMG_0059
The story of how this adhishtanam was discovered as published in the Kanchi mutt Calendar 2013kanchi2013x1 (2)

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